Tuesday, December 8, 2009

December 8, 1969....Orders to Saigon

It appears that Winter has settled in here in western Ohio....snow, rain, and wind, in the forecast for the next few days...and only a high of 20 by Thursday. Nothing out of the 30s for the foreseeable forecast through next week. All this while our idiot Kenyan-in-Chief heads to Denmark to try to bankrupt the country with "Cap and Tax" in pursuit of the fake science of Global Warming. Said it once, will say it again...Global Warming doesn't exist, and is nothing more than a political power grab by the left....far left. Should we protect the Environment where possible? Yes....Should we be taxed into serfdom to try to achieve something that cannot be done? Hell No!

Now a look at some headlines in News and Sports:

Speaking of Criminals_____

The White House is full of em'

And it appears that this Felon is writing the Health Care fiasco and rubbing elbows with King Barry and Queen Michelle.....nice job, you dolts that voted this swine and his minions in.


With the Packers 10 point win over Baltimore last night, it appears that the Bengals have a stranglehold on the AFC North

The sad tale of an American Superstar, one Tiger Woods, just keeps getting more weird:

How far and how fast has this guy and his squeaky clean reputation fallen?

Meanwhile in my Dartball World...St Johns-Celina defeated St Johns Hopewell 4-0 in the first of 3 last night, but that was as good as it got...dropping the final 2 games by scores of 4-3 and 5-2. We now stand at a miserable 5 wins 10 loses in the season's first half, {thank gawd for split seasons} while Hopewell stays firmly in 1st place at 11 wins 4 loses....on the other hand, I had a pretty good night individually...going 7 for 12 with a couple of RBIs to move my average back above 400 for the season at .411 with 9 runs batted in.

Vietnam 40 years ago today____

By the time December 8, 1969, had arrived, most of us at the 14th Security Police Squadron knew our numbers were up....We knew, except for a few, that we were going to be shipped out from our beach front base on the South China Sea for places unknown. I was hopeful that I would stick around, even though many of my friends had already been sent home{Harry Bevan and Marc Payen} or shipped to other bases {Johnny Claflin and others}
Nha Trang, in my opinion, was as good as it got in terms of Air Force Security Police during the Vietnam War....and my 6 months had been as good as time as I had in the Air Force. But those times were not going to last....on that sunny Vietnam morning, I was summoned over to SP Base Police HQ and give my marching orders....On December 27th, I would grab a flight south to Tan Son Nhut....the big base at Saigon, where I had entered the country 6 months before, and report for duty with the 377th Security Police Squadron. The 377th, a squadron that had actually been in combat, was going to be my new home....dandy, just freaking dandy!

I still saw plenty of 'action' in my final 3 weeks at Nha Trang....with less personal I was moved to C flight{midnight till 8am} from the day shift, which gave me a chance to ride jeeps into the beer and soda compound, and abscond with some goodies for the troops. I also saw a horrific Air America plane crash, where I worked the perimeter and kept the rubber necks and gawkers from seeing the carnage....10 people on board and the ground died when that plane, after an in air bomb explosion, slid into a local school house.

By the time Christmas Day{and strangely I don't remember that X-Mas Day at all}rolled around, I was packed and ready to take a C-130 back to Saigon....

Tan Son Nhut and Nha Trang had little in common...TSN was large and set in a large city..Nha Trang was small and set in the tropic like setting on the South China Sea...I worked Law Enforcement with the 14th SPS, during the daylight....I was slated to work overnight Security at TSN.....it was going to be a whole different world.

More on the transfer to Saigon later.....

Boys Junior High Basketball double header tonight in Van Wert County at Lincolnview Schools....the head cold is improving, as is the back.....hopeful for a pain and illness free December and Christmas season, but you never know how things will work out.....

Back Later>>>>
Photos-top Working Law Enforcement at Nha Trang, October 1969, and "Sargent" Houseworth 5 months later, working night flight Security at Tan Son Nhut....pssst...yes Global Warming is a lie!


Mr. Grey Ghost said...

Heh, Tiger's up to 9 mistresses and counting last time I checked. Hope the wifey leaves that bastard and takes him for all she can get.

PRH....... said...

I almost feel sorry for him GG...Not! This guy was running a scam from day one. Beiing protected by his muscle headed caddy and the adoring sports media...

As the Non-So-Reverned Wright would say..."The Chickens Are Coming Home to Roost"

Matthew Avitabile said...

God bless

Anonymous said...

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