Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December Milestones....Bogart Month on TCM

First a look at News____

At least we will be spared an expensive trial and the pain of watching the racist nitwits like Sharpton and Jackson come to this murdering bastard's defense:

And that is the good news....may be roast in Hell.

Sorry to say thanks to Mike Huckabee and his Parole Board at least 4 police officers are dead, at least one child raped, and families destroyed forever. The murdering swine's sister and others who helped him while on the run, should be charged with his crimes, IMO.

In Sports___

Well kind of... St John Lutheran Dartball results from last night.

We traveled north to Schumm for a dartball evening at perennial power Schumm Lutheran. To say they have had our number over the years is an understatement...they defeated us in the league tournament final last year, and have had the best of us for the most part, but we do knock them off on occasion.

Both teams are somewhat down this year, us more than them, and last night was no exception...they took the first 2 games by scores of 6-5 and 4-1, we salvaged the final game in comeback fashion winning 5-3 with a 2 spot by the bottom of the order in the 9th. As for me? Not a good night...going 3 for 12 with 1 RBI and dropping my average to .366, the lowest it's been since my back issues of 2007. As a team we drop to 4 wins 8 loses, with top ranked Hopewell Lutheran next week on the road.

December a family milestone month____

Even though I wasn't born in the month of December, it has been probably the month with the most milestones in my Houseworth side of the family_____

Here are some "events" of December for the family____{and I'm sure I'm forgetting a few}:

First off Patricia and I were married at Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, on December 18, 1976.

Oldest son Sam was born the day before our 5th wedding day on 12/17/1981

Dad Stan Houseworth was born 12/10/1917 and passed away on Christmas Eve 1972----->>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Brother Mike Houseworth born 12/15/1946
Grandma Wilda Waldron Houseworth born 12/22/1883
Granddad Sam Houseworth born 12/4/1877
their daughter Cecil was born December 7, 1901

First cousins Gary and Linda Houseworth were both born in December. Linda in 1941, Gary in 1946 and he passed away in December 2008.

Granddad Sam's brother William was born on December 12, 1875 but died as a child from Scarlet Fever in 1879. A Great Great Aunt, Elizabeth Houseworth, was born on December 14, 1846.
Looking at my book "The Family and Descendants of Israel Houseworth" I can find a number of other births, deaths, and marriages, listed for this month.
So December is indeed a month of Milestones for this family.
.....Speaking of December milestones:
Turner Classic Movies is featuring December 25, 1899, birthday boy Humphrey Bogart

While I have no use for Ted Turner and his politics or his world views, I love the TCM....probably by far the channel I view most often, and I give him credit and a thumbs up for this channel, on the mostly giant wasteland called TV.

This month every Wednesday starting at 6AM, they will show Bogart Movies throughout the day and evening....Bogart, although his politics and mine don't match, I enjoy most of his movies, and probably along with Cary Grant, John Wayne, and Jimmy Stewart, he ranks at the top of my favorite movie actors from the Golden Age of Cinema.

Basketball at Waynesfield tonight...back later>>>>
Photos-Patricia and me on December 18, 1976 @ Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. Dartball Darts/Stan Houseworth as a AAF fly boy in 1942, born(1917) and died(1972) in December....and Wednesday's in December Bogart is featured on TCM.


Anonymous said...

Oh, the president's Kenyan? You are not a good American. You don't know what it means to be an American. You might have fought in Vietnam, but you don't know what you fighted for. You were supposed to be fighting for our rights but you make racists statements like that showing you don't think Civil Rights are important. No matter what you may think of the Democratic Party, he was elected and told everyone what he would do. He won! He's OUR president and shouldn't be mocked for his skin color. No surprises from him if you were paying attention. What does it matter if his dad was from Kenya?? Your posting that is very telling about what kind of man you are.

Are you a birther?

I'm an Army vet if that has anything to do with anything to you (it shouldn't because it proves nothing).

Cappy said...

Great post, and am also a big Bogart fan.

I'll make it simple for the simple, such as Anonymous above. I do not like President Obama. I do not like most of what he is doing.

There, simple enough?

PRH....... said...

And Anon...you only get one comment....You racist puke! And Obummer ain't much of a man, and neither are you.

Next time you drop, try using spell check or at least learn to write a coherent sentence.

PRH....... said...

Hey Cappy thanks for stopping by with a sane comment...

As for Anonymous Boy....he's not to hard to figure out, he from Maine, which would be better off{like Vermont and Taxyertwoshits} as part of Canada...I'm guess when he served in the Army, his entire tour was under the desk of his superiors, servicing them.

Right Anon?

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