Monday, November 30, 2009

Empty Nest, Huckebee's Folly, and a New Record

Here we go with the last day of November, I guess I should ask the rhetorical question....Where has the year gone? Don't know, but it sure is flying....

First some news headlines:

Why Mike Huckabee should never be President____,2933,577691,00.html

This bastard, Maurice Clemmons, is one of the hardened criminals that former Arkansas Governor/Christian/Presidential Candidate, Mike Huckabee released because he felt it was his duty as a compassionate Christian...Nice move Governor...NOT!
Of course Governor Huckabee on his web site tries to shift the blame this morning:

Do I need to mention that the accused is black, the police officers white, and this bastard is without a doubt a racist piece of trash? Huckabee seems like a nice enough guy...he's a Christian, so am I, but I think our views on "compassion" run a little different. This son of a bitch was sentenced to 95 years in prison, Huckabee set him free. So what does Mr. Clemmons do? Well he moves to Washington State, rapes a child, gets caught, and is promptly released on $150,000 dollars bail. Now how does murdering scum with no job, get his hands on $150,000? Do you think that it might have been reduced somehow, by some Liberal "compassionate and guilt ridden" Judge? Just Asking.

So Mike Huckabee I know you are considering another run at the White is a hint. Don't bother. Most Conservatives and Christians aren't buying your compassion...we call it stupidity, and moral weakness. This bastard should have never seen the light of day.

Tiger Woods can drive a golf ball but not his SUV____

News or Sports?,2933,577809,00.html

Of course being a man of privilege Tiger, can blow off the cops in Florida by claiming this as a private matter....I would normally agree. But Tiger, the darling of the Sports Media, needs to air his dirty laundry, after all he wanted this fame and fortune....throw the folks a bone Tiger, they worship you.

A couple of questions does a man with a women as hot as your wife, get caught with his pants down? And how do you let that women{your wife} who probably weights in at 110 pounds, beat up your sorry ass? I thought you were in pretty good shape from all those work outs? Funny, funny, stuff!

Empty Nest and a New Record____

Well we moved Anissa out last night, moving in a house with another women with disabilities...and a staff that will see someone on duty 24/7. This completes the Empty Nest for Patricia and me....well kind of, let me explain.

Anissa{as many of you regular readers know} is our 30 year old daughter. She was born in Wausau, Wisconsin, back in 1979 and seemed like a normal child for her first couple of years...but the time she turned 3 we realized that she was delayed in several areas and after much searching for answers we discovered that she was indeed mentally retarded, with side issues. Being our oldest she was followed in birth order by Sam and Hal, 2 seemingly "normal"'s been a long road for her and us, especially Patricia...and it is far from over. Anissa is a happy, healthy, alert adult, who is sharp on many fronts...but she is retarded{I know the politically correct would rather not use that word, but it is what it is}>

The term empty does not really apply to our household...Anissa, who turns 31 in February, will still be home most weekends, from Saturday morning through Sunday evening, staying Saturday night with us. She will also spend the Holidays with us...and frankly I'm not sure how her Summer schedule will pan out, or if this will work out at all. But with me approaching 61, Patrica at 56, we know we will not be around or even able to care for her forever.....we are lucky to have good friends and sons who will help out if the worst happens to us in a quick manner.

In addition the nest won't be empty for long...Sam, who turns 28 this month, will be home for the Fall to Winter break at Ohio State on December our empty nest will last 11 days and then he will be home for 3 weeks. 25 year old Hal, is the only one who has really moved on thus far on a permanent "Empty Nest"? Not exactly!

4000 page views and 2400 stop byes for November, by far a record for this blog since it began in July 2007. The views and folks from all over the world stopping by continues to increase at a steady pace...for this I am grateful, but I know it's got a long way to go, and after all, it's about my daily and former life, not about how many people stop by....but Thanks to all, none-the-less.

Dartball gets under way in full force in December. Games this week, on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

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Photos-The Houseworth "Kids" Sam 28 on December 17th, 30 year old Anissa, and 25 year old Hal. Mike Huckabee former Presidential Candidate and Bleeding Heart Governor. And Tiger Woods and Wife...? Tiger, what the Hell were you thinking?


Shrinky said...

Sounds like you travelled a very similar early path with Anisa as we did with Sam. We were kind of desperate for some answers in the first few years, and no one appeared willing to give it. I remember asking an assembled group of "professionals" who had spent a concentrated two week period assessment with us, "Is my son mentally retarded?" I was told no, he was developmetally delayed.

Thing is, I already knew he was extremely retarded, but now they were giving me hope. I mean, delayed. Well that just means late, yes? Anything delayed always gets there eventually! For years I clung on to that, and the implication was if only I could be a good enough mother, he would eventually be fine.

It would have been far less cruel just to call a spade a spade, it took me a decade to accept my boy the way he was. So yeah, I am with you, to hell with the PC brigade, they can all take a running jump.

Good luck with Anisa's transition, it sounds a wonderful move I'll be thinking of you.

PRH....... said...

Thanks Shrinky...folks like our families don't want feel good answers. Just tell us the problem, if you know what it is, and let us deal with it.

Good luck to your Sam and his parents as you travel a road well driven.


Cookie..... said...

Hey Mate, first off, being a retired Police Sergeant, I think I can safely say that i'm sure there will be a very large voting block of both present and past Police Officers who will now NOT be voting for Huckabee because of his extremely poor decision regarding that particular pardon. Like you said, he seems like a very decent Christian human being, however, he failed to use the good common sense that God gave him regarding this matter.

Second, two of my grand-children have "Asbergers Syndrome" (a form of autism), which in times past was lumped in with mental retardation. One of those children also has some severe physical problems as well. So after reading your post, we (wife and myself) can relate to both you and "Shrinky". Regarding the "Empty Nest Syndrome", something to be aware of. When the children are at home, both you and your wife spent large amounts of time focused on their lives, education, problems and all that goes with properly raising a child.

Once the nest becomes empty, you'll both find that you will find yourselves now focusing on each other for the first time in many years. Sometimes (not always), this can lead to problems as you both may see faults or inadequicies in each other that didn't particularly bother you before but may now. This is normal, but I just wanted you to be aware of this. I know this because we had four kids, and at one time, they were all teenagers at the same time, so you can imagine where our focus was practically ALL the time. Just a heads-up my friend.


PRH....... said...

Thanks Cookie...We know the pitfalls, but that is life. My wife is focused on most things, meanwhile I am like the perverbial "Fart in a Skillet".

But even with Anissa away most of the time, we will still deal with her activities on a daily for me? Plenty of things already on the agenda, and I think we will do fine...but we will stay alert.

Thanks Partner...

The Lonely Conservative said...

Pat, you're right. Huckabee should never be president. He mixed his theological beliefs with his duties as a public servant. The killer was schooled on the right words to say to push Huckabee's buttons.

And best of luck to your daughter, and Shrinky's son. I'll keep you all in my prayers.

(To all you libs out there. Praying for our fellow human beings is a far cry from releasing violent felons to harm more innocent human beings.So STFU!)

PRH....... said...

Thanks LC, you have it right!

Cookie..... said...

Hey mates!. Last night on O'Reilly, Huckabee explained the situation on live TV, and I think we should all, including me, take a step back.

He released him 9 years ago and based his decision on what info was presented and recommended to him by the parole people, the courts and the judges, and at that time, there was NO indications of this type of behavior. The real skinks in the woodpile are the TWO judges who let him out on such a low bail after he recently raped a 12 year old girl.

I gotta say this, Huckabee was a stand up guy for coming on O'Reilly and explaining everything. Besides, don't y'all suppose the Elite Liberal Media stoked these flames to embarass a good man and we may have fallen for it?

PRH....... said...

Seems Huckebee and the procecuter have differing views on why this guy was released Cookie...I guess we can wait and see. But I'm against letting any violent offender out early...just the way I am. I like Huckebee, but his penchent for letting criminals out early for compassion reasons, doesn't set well.{and yes I'm sure the media loves to poke sticks in Huckebee's eyes, after all he is a Conservative and a Christian to boot}

As far as the judges that let this swine out on $15,000 cash bond, the bond company that fronted him the money, and his family members that helped him run....they can rot in Hell.

PRH....... said...

Cookie....I agree the left wing media is loving poking sticks in the eye of Huckelbee, after all he is a Fox News guy, a Conservative and a Christian.

It seems Mike and the prosecuting attorney have differing views on whose fauth the release is.

As far as the Judges and Bond Company that let this swine out for a lousy $15,000 cash...and family members who helped him hide out, they can roast in Hell, like he is doing right now.

Cookie..... said...

I do in fact agree with you about his penchant for leniency on potentially (or factually) violent criminals, after all, I was a cop for 21 years and saw the Criminal Justice System fail many MANY times. I investigated several brutal homicides perpetrated by Assholes that were released way too early by the bleeding hearts and so called "do-gooders", so you point is well taken.

I just know that none of us can see the future and I found Huckabee's stand up appearence and explanation to be genuine, especially in light of a few facts that we all weren't aware of at that time. I'm sure however that many of my present and old brothers and sisters will immediately discount him as a potential candidate because of this "Willy Horton" situation.

Deep down, I doubt I would in fact ever vote for the guy, even though I believe he is a good honest man, but it piss's me off the way the gotdamned left wing media are attempting crucify him. I guess, like you said, we'll just have to wait and see. Have a great day Mate!

Trish said...

Pat, God bless you two and Anissa too! I have a Down Syndrome sister(ten years younger) who we originally called Mongoloid. I don't think it much matters what you call them, they are all living angels, and we have much to learn from them, and their love is abundant.
Second, I like Huck a lot and wish that he weren't in this mess. But I really didn't think he'd survive another primary campaign run even before this happened. The way the media takes good people apart, they'd have made him into a bible thumping right wing extremist, and much more. Now his fate seems to be sealed.
I also want to say that we have a son who was sentenced to 32 years in federal prison for carjacking while evading the police. (his first crime ever with a gun, but nonetheless not his first crime; he was a heroin addict) Oh what we would give for a judge to reduce his sentence, even by 10 years. He's been in for 7 years, is clean sober bright and given the circumstances, cheerful. He's still in the state system, we have a 2 1/2 hr drive to visit and we do go every month, and his sisters do too, bringing their little ones to meet and know their uncle. Once he goes to the feds, they could put him in a location that would prohibit our regular visits, and it is at that time our hearts will finally be tested to their maximum.
I wish people could meet him and judge themselves if they thought he was a danger. His Fed probation officer even said, in his experience it takes five years to get over heroin addiction.

And lastly, I wish that this Clemmens dirtball had never done this despicable unforgivable crime, and that he had been KEPT IN JAIL for the rape of a 12 YEAR OLD, in Washington State. But I am very happy that we are through with him, Bless the cop who took him out. We did not need to spend one dime, one minute of fame or one thought on that piece of trash.

PRH....... said...

Thanks Trish for your comments{as always}....we all have our crosses to bear.

I too believe Huck is a good person, but even good people get bad advice...and he took it. This guy was without a doubt a violent person.

My best and prayers to your family and especially your son...hopefully he will get his chance to prove he has become a true citizen of the world.

thanks again for your comments...