Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Oconomowoc-Some Photos from the Trip/Blog Changes part #2

Not sure what is up with blogger, but after some tooling and trying, I think I can now add some photos from the post earlier today{scroll down to read and view that}.

Before I get into some of the photos from the weekend....I will add to what I mentioned this morning.

I will be making some changes to the blog as the days ahead move on...some will be ASAP, others will take awhile longer before I get them done, and will no doubt require some toying around with...

The basics of the blog will remain. It will continue to be a diary of my days and a look back at the past. I also plan on more photos, and more links and comments about politics, sports, and world in general, both locally and on a national level....my opinions may continue to piss off a few{or many}, but they will continue to be my opinions, and as such, will be the ones that matter as far as this blog goes.

Photos from the weekend: Todd's Grill in downtown Oconomowoc with little parking these days on the main drag, most restaurants and stores have parking strictly in the back. Patricia, Anissa, and Bill{Pat's Dad} wait for Bev to park the car before we entered the back entrance of Todd's, for our Friday Fish Fry. Lac La Belle from the city park.....the Presbyterian Church mirrors itself on Fowler Lake. The City of Oconomowoc sits across from Fowler Lake. The Condo that Bill and Bev is part of this 2 building complex that sets along the walk/bike path, in the wetland area next Silver Lake. And the Mars Cheese Castle and some of the goodies we selected on our way back to Ohio. Mars is located on exit 142{I think} on I-94 near the twin Lake Michigan cities of Kenosha and Racine in extreme southeast Wisconsin.


FHB said...

Man, that stuff looks goooood! And it looks cold up there. How the hell do they keep the dampness out of their houses?

Blister said...

Damn I miss cheese curds

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