Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Trying Some Changes

Like anything else you tend to get bored when doing the same thing day after day...guess that's why I could never get my heart into assembly line work some 40 years and more ago. Yes I tried, but the everyday grind of doing the same thing day after day, hour after hour, was just not my thing, and something I would never be able to do for a long stretch. So with that said, I am going to try a few new things with the blog, in looks and some content, although the basics, my look at my world past and present will remain the focus.

News Headlines and a comment:

Did Obama Grovel when he bowed to the Japanese leader?

My thoughts: Yes, our Man-Child Kenyan born President did a bit of "groveling" ....he has before, he made a half-assed bow to the Saudi Prince earlier this year. In all fairness, Bush2 made a fool of himself by holding hands with the protectors of Islamic Terrorists in Saudi Arabia as well....Nixon and Clinton were also weak kneed "Grovelers" to some foreign leaders.

Sports w/comments____

Got started with the High School Basketball season last night at Lima Central Catholic....4 of us doing a Tri-Scrimmage with host LCC, Lima Perry, and Russia(Rue'-She) High Schools. Doing the 3 man crew that is common in Varsity games these days, the 4 of us rotated 3 ten minute quarters in 1 out for 2 hours....It was a good workout, and my legs feel it this morning. Running up and down a basketball court is a different workout on your legs than either football or baseball officiating/umpiring.

Friday I'll drive the 70 miles north to Edgerton{where I had a Varsity Football game earlier this fall} for another Boys Varsity Scrimmage...then turn right around and do a 8am scrimmage at Waynesfield-Goshen. 8AM??? Yep, all the schools know they need to get them done early because on Ohio State-Michigan Saturday, with the game starting at Noon, nobody would work the games if they tried to hold the scrimmages later.

Speaking of OSU-Michigan Football, the Buckeyes have ruled the Wolverines over most of the Jim Tressel era...Ohio State is 7 wins 1 loss under "The Vest". Looking at things this season, Ohio State should roll, should I say, and this is what makes Michigan so dangerous. With the Rose Bowl and a share of the Big Ten wrapped up, The Buckeyes need to make sure they don't take their arch-rival lightly.
Back to Waldo____

Tomorrow I will head back to the home of my ancestors, Waldo, Ohio

The small berg with the World Famous Bologna Sandwiches. As I have said before on this blog and my Ancestry Blog:

Waldo is my kind of place. Tomorrow morning I will head out with a cooler full of Cheese Curds to G&R Tavern, where I will meet up with an old friend Bill Clem. Bill moved to Marion from Celina more than a decade ago, and we have only seen each other a handful of times since 1996. His son Bill Jr, was a outstanding Soccer player and the starting Catcher on Marion Pleasant High School's State Champion baseball team in 2001. He now teaches and coaches at Pleasant. Bill Senior lost his wife a few years back, and it will be good to see him again, swap some Cheese, talk politics, and down a beer and baloney sandwich.

Bill and family, like Patricia and me, lived in Wisconsin for a few years, and knows that when it comes to fresh cheese, bratwurst, and fish frys, the Badger State has no equals.


Rain and cooler conditions are in the area today....and looking out my living room windows, it looks like November.

Patricia is back at school, although with the sinus infection she has, she probably should not be...but she says she has work to do. Not sure that is the way to cure the virus.....but she is determined to get her work completed....9 more years untill retirement. I wonder if the Republic will last that long? I have serious doubts.

Tonight I have a scheduled Basketball Rules meeting in Van Wert, but of late I have not got a good night's sleep, and with 5 meetings already in and only 4 required, I may skip this one, and rest up....time will tell, I'l see how I feel come 6pm.

Back Later>>>>
Photos-Photo of the Day: Our Kenyan-in-Chief Barry Soetoro as he grovels in Japan...what a tool!!
From Waldo: My Grandfather Sam Houseworth(1877-1928) top, 2nd from left, and some of his siblings around 1900. 8 of the 12 children of Mary Ann and Nelson Houseworth were born in Waldo. A Waldo Livery Stable around 1900 and the old school house at Waldo in 1916.


BRUNO said...

LOVE the header! Yeah, variety IS good at times!

That ol' radio still work? That's an ol' tube-model, ain't it? Tubes ain't impossible to get---but ya' gotta WANT 'em BAD...!

PRH....... said...

Actually Bruno, the radio is a Grundig knock off of the 1950 era American Classic.

Issued about 2000,
Works great, no tubes...:)

I have my XM Radio hooked up to it....

PRH....... said...

However I do have a original one in the still works but has one Hell of a BUZZZZZZZZZZZZ in it....

Reminds me, maybe I'll look up some tubes for it, or electric shock myself trying.

Argie said...

Hey, this is off topic, but I thought you might be interested. I saw in some of your previous posts that you "hunt" mushrooms. This site might be of interest to you.

PRH....... said...

Thanks Argie...we go to the middle area of lower Michigan(Boyne Falls, Mesick) around Memorial Day each year, and hunt mushrooms, camp, smoke cigars, and drink beer, for 3 or 4 days.

Will check out the link.

Shrinky said...

Great new look, Pat, tho' I have to confess, seeing that gun down there with the scotch and cigar, my first thoughts were, "Oh no - suicide??" (I know, I know, I'm a wimpy Brit, remember?) Smile. Enjoy your trip back to Waldo, nothing like catching up with good company, is there? Sorry to hear about Patricia's infection, how miserable for her, she's a trooper all right, I doubt I'd be heading in to work.

PRH....... said...

Well Shrinky...I thought the Drambuie(of course that's 50% Scotch in a Bottle with 50% Liqure added :) good stuff}, Cigars, and the right to bear arms as Americans simple pleasure, which I'm sure the current nanny staters in DC would like to take the rights of all 3{and more away from us}.

Yep, my wife is a trooper....she's back at it this morning, and still not feeling close to 100%, but there is no keeping her down.

Off to Waldo gang....later!

FHB said...

Normally I wouldn't care. They all do it. But that bow looks so deep. It looks like he's checkin' his shoes for a shine.

Anonymous said...

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