Sunday, November 22, 2009

Buckeyes Down Michigan...Again!

Another sunny Sunday morning appears on the eastern horizon in west central Ohio...made all the more bright, thanks to another Ohio State Football Victory over Michigan....6 in a row, and 8 out of 9 since Jim "The Vest" Tressel replaced John Cooper at the helm of "The Ohio State University"......

More on that after I look at the news headlines.....

Dems get 60 votes in Senate to push "Health Scare" ahead....

Like a couple of $5 Hookers on Saturday Night, the women Senators of Louisiana and Arkansas dropped down at the feet of Senate Leader Harry Reid, and said "Yes" to the soon to be defeated Senator from Nevada:

Debate my rosy red ass....this bill is going to pass, and America will continue under Obama, Reid, and Pelosi, to head down the path to becoming nothing more than a 3rd world shithole....and still almost 50% of the population haven't a freaking clue, or they want us to become that said 3rd world dump, because of petty jealousy. The left just hates those that are they want to tell all of us, just how to live our lives.

Good Luck are going to need it. It's at times like these that I say, "Thank God, I'm getting old", and won't have to deal for long with the mess that is around the corner.

Sports_____6 in a row for OSU

As a lifetime Ohio State Football fan, it's always good to see The Buckeyes defeat hated rival Michigan. UM, a shadow of it's former self under Rich Rodriquez, still leads the all time series 57-43 and some ties thrown in....but under Jim Tressel, OSU has won 6 in a row, and eight of nine.

No fan of Tressel or his overrated quarterback, Sophomore Terrelle Pryor, am I....but after an embarrassing loss to a below average Purdue team{that saw Pryor himself turn the ball over 4 times}, Ohio State has came back, won 4 in a row, and clinched the outright Big Ten Title, a share of their 5th straight, a Rose Bowl berth, and some respect back.

So, while no longer a fan of Tressel{due to the way he dumped local starter QB Todd Boeckman last season in favor of his perceived savior Pryor} I still root for Ohio State, albeit with less passion than the previous 50 years...especially when they play that team up north{as Woody Hayes described Michigan}.

Go Bucks, bring back a Rose Bowl and BCS game's been 4 years.
Basketball Legs___

Traveling 70 miles north for a 2 hour scrimmage at Edgerton on Friday night, and after a short night of sleep, I headed 35 miles east to Waynesfield for another boys varsity scrimmage yesterday at 8am{on Ohio State-Michigan day all teams in the state practice/scrimmage early so they are able to be done by the Noon start of the big game}. The 4 hours of running/walking up and down the hardwood courts put a workout and strain on my aging until Tuesday, then more scrimmages that day, Friday, and Saturday, before the regular season kicks off on December 1st.
Sitting out back____
After the Buckeye game yesterday, I sat out back on the steps while Anissa was outside, and Patricia{trying to recover from a sinus infection} was out looking for items for Anissa's coming move to a place in her next step in independent living, and smoked a cigar, downed a couple of Miller Lites, and enjoyed the 55 degree and sunny late November weather....I heard a buzzing noise, looked and saw one of the locals flying around in his motorized glider...55 at land temperature, you gotta wonder what the temps were a few thousand feet up were....looked cold to me, even in the sunshine. I grabbed the new camera and took a couple of shots of this brave soul.
Photos--Ohio State logo/Ronald Reagan, the last great American President, won't be coming to America's Rescue this time around...we may be doomed as a world economic power. Me, with Cigar, contemplating nothing in particular {no that's not radar sticking out of my head, just the tower at the local grain elevator a block away from the house}. And one of the locals flying a few thousand feet above my back yard in the clear blue sky.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend....back later>>>>


FHB said...

I know, it sucks. What can ya do. They seem bound and determined to turn us in to Cuba.

And I'd LOVE to try flyin' like that. It looks cool as hell.

Law and Order Teacher said...

I also have a problem with what was done with Pryor. I thought dumping Boeckman was bush league. Tressel was trying to make Pryor happy. Too bad. He wasn't ready and he still has a lot of decision-making problems. They win. I guess that's good enough.

Anonymous said...

Talking about your daughter's move into an assisted living home. If the homes there are like the ones here in our Agency she will be fine. Im sure you and the wife will miss her a lot though as she will you. Folks like her are GODS SPECIAL CHILDREN. sam

PRH....... said...

Thanks Sam...of course her old man being the VP of the Agency Board of Directors doesn't hurt....they will do fine by her...or else :)