Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend Happenings

It's been busy....heading to Columbus on Wednesday, dragged my old friend Nick along with me to introduce him to the Waldo G&R Baloney Specials...Funny how things work out, I had not been to the old home town of my ancestors in a little over a year, and here I've stopped in on the 100 mile trek 3 times in the past month....twice due to picking up Sam after his car wreck{since he's without wheels for now}, and once to hook up with old friend Bill Clem.

Nick had not been treated to a G&R Special, so I figured to take him along on my way to pick up Sam......

Can't beat the price...all the food above with 4 beers between us, for less than $20. 2 biggggg Baloney Sandwiches, orders of deep fried Mushrooms, and Onion Rings, which we split, and 2 beers each....$ 19.50, we tossed in a good tip, and got away with a bill of $25.....on the way home, Sam stopped at a fast food joint, and paid $7 for roast beef, with small fries, and a tell me who got the best bargain.?


With both boys home for a spell{Hal headed back to the Dayton area today, had to get back to work with his Autistic kids}...we packed the food that Patricia had fixed and headed over to sister Marty's place yesterday afternoon....the entire family was there except Marty and her Husband Pat's{yep another Pat in the family}youngest daughter Mikki, and our youngest sister Kelly...they reside in L.A. and southwest Florida respectively, and didn't get home this time around.

We put in about 6 hours, had plenty of food, which I tried to stay on the diet despite of, and beer, wine, and photos for the family files.....This morning Sam and I were back at basketball officiating. I went to Spencerville for my final scrimmage of the season, while Sam did a couple of girls High School games in Celina for the Holiday Classic season opener at the Field House....

Tomorrow I'm at Waynesfield for a girls Junior High game at 10am, and then will drag Sam back to Columbus...he'll return to Ohio State now until about December 10th when finals are over...then take off until Winter Quarter begins around January 5th.

We are in the process of moving Anissa's stuff to her new place....where she will live with another women under assisted care givers....she will still be home most of the weekends. We will get that process done by Sunday, and see how things work out. We of course would rather have her home most of the time, but knowing as we grow older, this is something that has to happen sooner or later, so we will begin the process now, and see how things shake out.
Will try to get out one more post sometime this weekend...but for now, I'm dragging butt, and will shut it down for the night...back later

Photos-A typical fare at Waldo's famous G&R Tavern...2 hearty Bologna Sandwiches, Onion Rings, Deep Fried Mushrooms, and 2 beers each for about $20, you can't beat that. Nick outside of G&R, I've always know he was full of something...but not sure it was baloney that I'm thinking of. And the inside of the G&R on a Central Ohio fall evening.


Mushy said... that's a bolony samitch! Love me some fired bolony and mayo!

Your header looks like a guy trying to decide to commit sideways!

Larry said...

Pat, those G&R table shots you publish keep makin' me hungry to make a pilgrimage to home-country and sample the fare.

PRH....... said...

The Boloney tastes nothing like that Deli stuff or the packaged is good. If you get back home Larry, give me a Hollar!

Mushy, no committing Sideways..:) A a photo of the freedoms that asshole in Chief and his left wing henchman{and women} would like to steal from us.

Guns, Booze{under the name of health care}, Good Smokes{see booze}, and talk radio without the Governement spin....