Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Gray Skies of November/Thanksgiving/Obama's Military Madness

The day before Thanksgiving...and it looks like a typical November day, the clouds are blanketing the Midwest, after a light rain overnight...upper 40s today, and a high of only 40 tomorrow with some rain and maybe a flurry or 2...The Holiday Season is upon us.....

First a look at the headlines:

Obama 'short changes' troops____

It looks like our Illegal Kenyan President has settled on sending 32-35 thousand troops to the Afgan War front, a few at a time{a prescription for disaster for sure}....I guess Barry thinks he's doing right by tossing the left and the military a bone, you know, don't send enough troops to actually win the conflict, but send enough to shut both the left and right up.....not enough for a military victory, and not enough to get his lemming followers upset either.

Beck is right...either send the amount of troops needed, or pull them the Hell out.....Obama, you worthless piece of garbage, get your head your of your ass.

And to top the insults off...Navy Seals are getting court martialed for giving Islamic Terrorist a fat lip:,2933,576646,00.html

If that story doens't piss you are a moron.

Meanwhile The Huffington Post doesn't think Glenn Beck should have free speech rights:

Arianna Huffington, the daughter of a WWII Colaporting Nazi Whore. Yes I can see where she would like to deny Free Speech to those she disagrees with. This hag is not even an American...just a bitter former Republican, who was shunned by the GOP, so she got mad and turned "left"....of course telling this to the likes of Keith Oldblowaman, with nobody watching, is the best she can do.

And what about that Census worker who was "murdered" by backwoods anti Government hicks in Kentucky?

Wait a Minute!!!!! You mean this left wing nutcase wasn't really murdered???? You mean the dumb son of a bitch actually killed himself and made it look like murder so his family could collect the insurance on him. That way he could "go out" blaming Conservatives and Talk Radio? What a shock, even in death, the left will go to no ends to blame their miserable lives on Conservatives and the right.

Enough so called news for today........


Despite the political winds which are shifting against Obama and Company{his second straight day with a -15 approval index on Rasmussen, his worst to date}:
I wish for you and yours a great Thanksgiving, safe travel, and a great upcoming Holiday and Christmas Season....

Hal is heading home from Dayton this afternoon, meanwhile I'll travel to Columbus later this afternoon to pick up carless Sam...gotta do something about that over the Holidays, his car is totaled, and he needs another ride...on his dime of course. He has a OSU Women's Basketball game to tape tonight, so it might be a late one. Then on Sunday we begin the move of Anissa to her new house, and a life without us on a daily basis....she will however, be home from Saturday mornings until Sunday afternoons most the nest won't be totally empty.

Probably not around tomorrow...but back on Friday

Happy Thanksgiving to each and all!

photos-The grey skies of November looking out my back door. Glenn Beck is under attack by the left, but his books keep selling, his radio and tv shows continue to thrive, and he's laughing all the way to the bank.


Deborah Wilson said...


Wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving. This year will be a mad house, 31 people will be here - but at least I won't have to do all of the cooking. lol

(And I'm glad that I picked up extra Cranberry Sauce - I can't eat Turkey without Cranberry Sauce)

Sarge Charlie said...

I hope you and yours have a wonderful Thanksgiving (we can still say that).
Our country is in deep dodo my friend, our only hope is to elect enough people with common sense to repeal all the crap they are doing.

Grandpa-Old Soldier said...

Pat I wish you and yours all the best over these holidays. Don't eat to much but drinking and cigars are ok to enjoy. Ha. Have a good one. We are heading over to Louisiana to be with my Mom and the rest of my crew.

Larry said...

May you and your beloved family have a wonderful day, Pat!

Buck said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Pat. I hope you get the chance to light up a cigar, knock back a couple, and contemplate just how lucky we all are to be alive and living in these United States... with all its blessings.

BRUNO said...

Yeah, the census-taker "murder" caught me off-guard, too. I mean, we both know that stuff really does happen, in "certain-areas"---but DAMN, that IS the extreme!

As I've told others---the man was a genius in his own way, to figure out a ruse like that. And, to "cheapen" life in that way?

Can't tell me this fella didn't show some "signs" of such before.

But he had his "fifteen-seconds of fame", for sure. Too bad he didn't hang around to enjoy them.(Whoops, heh-heh---no pun intended!)

Cookie..... said...

Hey Mate! Been so damn busy cook'n these past few days haven't had time to visit any of my blog mates. Here's hoping that you and yours had a safe and great T-Day yesterday.

Because of all the shit that Obama and his administration keep pulling, I've actually gotten "news-shy" and afraid to learn what new shit has hit the fan. When I read about the Navy Seals, my blood pressure musta shot up 30 points. I'm so sick and tired of this freak'n left wing lunacy and PC.

At any rate, you and yur family enjoy the rest of yur weekend amigo.