Friday, November 6, 2009

Islamic Massacre at Fort Hood/Fox News Drops the Ball

WARNING:If you believe Islam is still a religion of peace, and the vast majority of Islamics in the US are great Americans and good may want to discontinue reading today's post right now...if not, don't post any comments in support of these clowns, it won't last 5 seconds:
Another case of Islamic Terrorism has occurred on US Soil...and this one is on one of America's largest military bases.

And Fox News dropped the ball.....Resident Liberal Shepard Smith of Fox refused to even mention the guys name until hours after the left leaning CNN, and hard left outlets like MSNBC and ABC had already named this guy as the shooter....HE WAS A FREAKING ISLAMIC! And of course Fox News and Smith, refused to say that, until every other network had already made the point.

Fox News lost a Hell of a lot of my respect, Smith never had much, he's always been an excuse maker for Islam and Islamic Terrorists...Shame on you Fox, for being so Politically Correct and so damn gutless about calling a spade a spade or in this case a Murdering Muslim and Murder Muslim.
(1) The News Media reported this scumbag Dead...he is not, nice move gang.

(2) Fox News refused to release his Islamic name until hours after the other far left media released it...nice move Fox and especially Shep Smith.

(3) This guy a psychiatrist, had a history of support for Islamic Terrorism and a hate for the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan

(4) Given his attitude, just what the Hell was this guy doing in uniform

(5) Is it time to stop letting Islamics into the country, and thinking about deporting all non-citizen{if not all period}Islamics?

Just some questions to ponder....

Military Bases___Security or Lack of same!

So here we are on a large Military Base...and nobody can stop the shooter before he shoots 43 people and killing 13 of those with a couple of handguns? As a former Military Policeman{Air Force Security Police}. I can tell you that on most bases the only people carrying guns are the base police or security...and sorry to say the rules about using those weapons are strict. That is the way it was 40 years ago, and even with the war on terror, it is still that way today.

Radical Islam is the explosive powder, political correctness is the match that lights the fuse....both need to be stamped out. Is Obama to blame? Hardly, GW Bush was no stronger than Obama when confronting Islam, yes he brought war to the Middle East, but still, like his replacement, was gutless when confronting home grown Islamic Terrorism.
Obama of course when making his post shooting speech, talked about thanking his Cabinet and staff, and thanking the "Event" he was attending, rather than bringing the shooting to comments...This Guy{Obama} is one clueless asshole...he never got to the shootings until long into his "teleprompter" lead speach, what a out of touch rookie this clown is.

We will see how this all plays out....and what kind of Monkey Trial this becomes, if the guy is ever brought to trial, I suspect a plea of some sort to save his sorry ass, will be in order.

Pissed off as always...back later>>>
I would be remiss if I didn't mention that my old blogging buddy Jeff, aka: Fat Hairy Bastard
Teaches classes at Fort Hood...he was scheduled to teach last night at the base, but wasn't there when the shootings went down.


Trish said...

I am with you 100%. This tragedy is TERRORISM, and he was a terrorist.
Funny, I believe our homeland security leader, Janet Napolitano, was in the UK for a conference on homegrown terrorism. HOpefully she'll hurry back and put this guy to death.
I can't wait for the apologies from the Muslim world- oh wait- they will spin this and somehow blame America.
God bless these soldiers and their families. This is a despicable act, and justice had better be swift!

PRH....... said...

You got it Trish, 99% of Islam is probably considering this guy a hero.

United Citizens Council said...

Those who refuse to call this terrorism are kidding themselves.

One of the dead was pregnant... so that means 14 are dead.

Appeasement will just get us more of this.

Sarge Charlie said...

JAHIDIST ATTACK FORT HOOD. That is what I have to say about it, I hope the bastard lives so Texas can kill him slowly.

Cookie..... said...

First off, I completely agree with your assessment of this tragic event. Terrorism, plain and simple!

Now Sir, regarding Shepard Smith. Pat, I watch Fox almost all day long, especially O'Reilly and Glenn Beck, and over the past 4 or 5 years I don't believe my TV has ever seen the channel numbers for any other MSM propaganda sites. It truly amazes me how after all this time I missed the liberalism of Smith. Seriously, I never noticed or paid attention to it. It's amazing how something can be right in front of your face and you don't see it. I've actually always enjoyed his manner and the demeanor of his reports and his sardonic humor. From here on out I'll be paying much more attention to how he presents his news stories. Believe me, I'm NOT defending him, I've truly just never noticed what you referred to. How embarrasing.

Larry said...

Wife heard judge Napolitano say on Fox yesterday that unless it was premeditated the cretin would not qualify for the death penalty under military code. Well, that's now been "answered". Friends/neighbors of his are saying that he went around yesterday morning giving personal property away to them and/or thanking them for their friendship. Yet I think death would be too kind for the scumbag. May he rot in a small dark cell for many years.

PRH....... said...

Cookie...maybe I should call Shep a Politically Correct Anchor, because I truly don't know for sure. However I do know he dropped the F-Bomb when complaining that the US supported Torture, by saying to Judge Nopalitano that "Torture was F***ing Torture, and that the US practiced it" That convinced me he was a PC/Liberal kind of guy, and I've been watching him close of late.

Of course Fox has other Libs and there is nothing wrong with that...I just feel Shep has let it into his news reports, after all he is an anchor man, not a Beck, O'Reily, or Hannity Commentator type.

glane said...

I used to enjoy watching Shep but during the past year he appears like a volcano ready to erupt. He's sullen one day and Pollyanna the next. When reporting the news he seems to go out of his way at times to agitate the remote reporter and/or guest. I read somewhere that he and Rick Leventhal use to live together and be good friends but Shep doesn't hesitate to 'snarl' at him as well. Maybe he has personal issues boiling or could it be "his ego is writing checks his body can't handle". I thought it was just me so I googled Shep and found there are quite a few other diehard FOX viewers making the same observations as myself, some are very harsh. Even Alan Colmes conducted himself in a respectful, libertarian manner. Could it be Shep's philosophy and FOX's philosophy are at opposite ends of the spectrum? It sure comes across that way to me.