Monday, November 23, 2009

The Weekend That Was

The final weekend before Thanksgiving has passed, and the weather for this time of year couldn't have been much better....lows around the freezing mark, but sunshine, lite winds, and temps in the mid 50s for both Saturday and Sunday....plenty of time to sit out back and enjoy cigars and a new(at least for me) beer to sample.

More on that later....first a look at some news:

Obama's poll numbers continue to tank____

This past presidential election the Rasmussen Report was the most accurate of those taking polls...not top heavy with "adults" that don't vote, or tilted towards Democrats, like CNN, CBS, and even the Gallop Polls....Scott Rasmussen hit the numbers right on the head in 2008 when he predicted the margin of victory for our illegal Kenyan born Prez....That's is why the recent Daily Tracking Poll numbers have to have Obummer and Company gnashing their teeth"

Barack's(Barry Soetoro) poll numbers have been on the slide since early summer...and "if" the election were held today, the Democrats would be in deep trouble....but he and his lap dogs in the media(with the exception of Fox and talk radio) still have time to talk about the economic recovery, and the just ended Recession. Of course there has been no recovery, and there still is a deep Recession, probably a Depression....and Americans are finally figuring it out.

The Obama Presidency is a shell game.......This Administration is the Titanic, this country is the White Star Line, and it's people are the aware, and wake the Hell up!


After enjoying an Ohio State win over Michigan on Saturday, I got to witness a complete late game collapse by the Cincinnati Bengals yesterday at Oakland...losing 20-17 to the sad sack Raiders, by giving up 10 points in the final minute:

At least Pittsburgh and Baltimore also tanked, making it a total loss for the AFC North(Cleveland lost on the last play of the game at Detroit)...The Ravens and Steelers play each other this coming weekend, while the Bengals get home to face the Browns....a chance for Cincy to talk a stranglehold on the Division, but I've seen them at their worst, so you never know about this bunch.

The Weekend Past_____

Friday night I drove the 70 miles north to Edgerton, Ohio, and officiated a 2 hour scrimmage there, turned around and was at Waynesfield Saturday morning at 8 for another boys varsity scrimmage at the home of the W-G Tigers....due to the Buckeyes playing Michigan at High Noon, all area scrimmages were moved to early morning so they could be completed to get everybody home in time for that rivalry game....

After the Buckeye win, I headed outside with Anissa to enjoy the weather...I downed a couple of beers and a cigar. Sunday it was much of the same, outside I went, this time before the Bengals game at was nice enough I listened to the first half on radio, then came back in for the disastrous 2nd half.

Cigars and a few bottles of Sam Adams Winter Larger were on the agenda. Good cigars and good beer, along with good late fall weather, not much can top that at my age.

The "Short" Week ahead___and the empty nest

The boys, Sam from Columbus, and Hal from the Dayton area, will be home for Thanksgiving, which will see us celebrate with most of the family at sister Marty's home on the other side of town. Come Friday we will start to move beds, dressers, and other items from our place to Anissa's new house.....she will be moving into an assisted living situation along with caregivers and a roommate starting Sunday....this will complete our road to the "Empty Nest".

She, at 30 years old, will still be with us at least one night a week and we will see Sam when school is out of session at Ohio State...Hal will get home when he has a chance, so we won't be completely "empty", but it will be much quieter around the house most of the time. Changes are a coming in the PRH we handle it will be interesting to say the least.
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Photos-Yesterday, me enjoying the sunshine, a good cigar, and a Samuel Adams Winter brew out by the garage, catching as much late day warming sunshine as I could. The Obummer's poll numbers, worse than Bush's by a mile at the same point in his presidency. The Bengals were once again the Bungles yesterday at Oakland....and a bottle of Sam Adams, and sunglasses were the order of the weekend in my Celina backyard.


FHB said...

Great outside shot. I got my pipe tomahawk workin' last night. I'll have to get some video and post it.

PRH....... said...

Back to the grey skies of November today Jeff...but the sun was great while it lasted....will check out the video, when you get it up.

Shrinky said...

Gosh Pat, a huge positive landmark ahead, I'll be thinking of you and yours. I truly hope our Sam will be able to eventually make that same transition himself, one day, to ensure his happy semi-independent future. I guess it'll come with mixed feelings when it arrives, but as none of us can be around forever, it's good to know ALL your kids are settled and are assured a safe and happy future ahead.

PRH....... said...

No guarentees Shrinky, but things are moving forward....and as we age, we all want the best possible for our kids....our best of luck for your family and your Sam.

Buck said...

Cigars and a few bottles of Sam Adams Winter Larger were on the agenda. Good cigars and good beer, along with good late fall weather, not much can top that at my age.

Heh. I hear THAT! Practice it, too. ;-)

PRH....... said...

I hear ya Buck....

Anonymous said...

great read. I would love to follow you on twitter. By the way, did any one learn that some chinese hacker had busted twitter yesterday again.