Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Things to do when the Fish don't bite...part #2

Yesterday, being my first full day back from the Michigan Fishing Trip, saw me get some things done around the house....then finish things off at St. Johns but hosting our Dartball practice session, with 10 in attendance, and Sam and a player or 2 more not there, we should be in good shape, numbers wise for the upcoming season. Still with a mix of old guys(oldest being 91 years young), and young guys {youngest at 8}, we are a diverse bunch...the regular season kicks off next Monday night at Mendon, with our first home game the week that follows, the night I return from Wisconsin.
The weather was nice, a partly sunny high of about 60 as I shook off the effects of rain, cigars, and Drambuie, from the trip. A heavy frost kicked in overnight, and with sun on the horizon for today, the high is going to be about 50.

More on the Fishing Trip____
As I told yesterday, fish wise things were not to be this year...plenty of fishing, but few fish. Some years you have it{last year}, others you get wacked{this time around}. But a good time
was had anyway.

Friday we fished the entire day...starting out at the pier we tossed 4 lines in, and tried a combination of eggs sacks on one pole, and worms and Erie Dearie Walleye rigs on a second poll. A few Walleye bites, but nothing on the Salmon/Steelhead front. After a few hours there, we picked up and headed west along the River Road towards the Foote Dam. We met a couple of guys, who had been fishing since daybreak{this was at 10am}, and had came away with one nice Steelhead, and a Lake Trout....lots of time, for little fish. Nick and I fished in a steady rain, sometimes light, sometimes moderate, for about 3 hours...before heading back to the cabin, a 15 minute drive. Skunked Again! We had by this time, figured out this day, and with a front coming in for the evening, after the rain ended, that would stir up the river and pretty much disrupt any good fishing, we were in for a pretty tough weekend of fishing. But we had a plan to make sure the weekend and the trip went off AOK.....

We ate breakfast that morning at our favorite diner, a place called Mom's Country Kitchen, just off the bridge on route 23 in Oscoda. Plenty of daily and breakfast specials, we had eaten there on Thursday night, and were back for breakfast on Friday morning.

With the weather in flux, we decided we would be spending more time that we had planned in the cabin...so off the to store Nick went, after dropping me off at Blue Horizon Court....I popped open a beer, and fired up one of my cigars. An hour or so later, here comes Nick with about $100 worth of groceries...W-T-F? No more eating out, we would dine in comfort at the cabin for the duration.

We spent more time fishing, going back to the dam, and the pier as well...with similar luck, or lack of it, as was this year's situation. But we spent plenty of time sampling our cooking, beers, cigars, and I got out and used the new camera to take plenty of photos...Nick tried his hand at photography as well...gotta say, he sucks at that, at least with the new camera, using it for the first time.

Lucky for us we had a good TV, and great cable service, and got to watch plenty of football, the World Series, and just about any Halloween Scary Movie fare we could want....before finally packing it in Sunday morning, and heading home, arriving late in the afternoon on Sunday...fishless this time around, but we, God Willing, will be heading back to Michigan this coming spring to hunt Mushrooms, and next October for more cool weather fishing.

As far as the extra eating, smoking good cigars, Drambuie, etc....things that should have put a crimp in my Diabetes 2 Diet, things didn't change that much. 194 on my return after starting out at 193 last Thursday...and this morning the Blood Pressure reading was 125/70 with a resting pulse of 65....so what could have been a disaster, turned out to be a break even health wise.

back later>>>>photo descriptions below

Photos-The Au Sable as it wanders east towards Lake Huron at Oscoda/one of our mainstays...a double shot of Drambuie on the Rocks with a cigar{let the tips of the Cigars soak in the liquor, and taste the goodness}. The Foote Dam, about 6 miles west of Oscoda, my favorite spot to fish on the river. Double Click the Wild Turkeys along River Road...Wild Turkey's in Ohio are easily scared off, these females just moved a few feet into the brush. Me on the Au Sable Bridge...an example of Nick's shitty photograph skills, or me being dumber looking than I think. The Au Sable moving west towards the damn on Sunday Morning/Sunday morning looking out over Lake Huron from the beach at Blue Horizon Court. And finally Nick's food was better than his photography skills, one of the Saturday morning omelets that he whipped up....we ate well, but sane, the entire 3 days and evenings.


Sam said...

I'll be DAMN , I remember canoeing down that river when I was stationed in Oscoda TDY in 66. Those pics bring back a few moemries of a young 21 yr old. sam

PRH....... said...

Sam...met a fellow Sky Cop named Bob on our first night...was stationed at Wurtsmoth back about the time you were, then returned...after his stint in Don Ha and Nakon-P as a Dog Handler...should have written down his last name, but he knew about VSPA, and was thinking about joining.

The river is still pretty clean as it flows into Lake Huron.

Shrinky said...

That omelet sure looks good to me, darn, I'm hungry now! Hope your new found acquaintance decides to join you all at the VSPA, seems you guys share a common bond that runs deep.