Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dartball Begins and the Bugs of November

First off a rant....

Check out my comments section yesterday and observations made by my old friend "Cookie" ...{then do yourself a favor and stop by his site for some well deserved laughs}:

and my response...it contains our thoughts on the Politically Correct reason that 13 of our troops are dead, all in the name of Islamic Terrorists, and our national fear of offending them. It is a sad sight to see how our military has become de-bagged by the PC world. The military leaders are nothing more than gutless politicians, where the Hell are Swartzkopf and Patton when you need them....instead we get clowns like Colin "Fu**ing" Powell, and the current leader of the Army, the titless WAC himself General George Casey.....the feminizing of the Military is in full mode. As long as we continue to bow to Islam, the military is basically useless, and I would never expect my sons nor anybody's kids to join up in a toothless Military, where PC is king.

On a good news from another stinking Islamic Terrorist Muhammad, "The DC Sniper" accused of 10 shootings back in 2002, is set to assume Room Temperature by lethal injection...let's hope he gets to meet his 70 Virgin Camels about Midnight.

Opening Night Dartball____

Last night we traveled with 3 new team members to Mendon to take on the Mendon team in Dartball....Mendon has been the doormat for years in the league, seldom finishing out of or near the basement....back in the 1980s and 90s we went through a period where we defeated them 34 straight games...a couple of years ago they defeated us in the end of season tournament 2 games to 1, then settled back into us whipping them on most nights...that all changed last night. With our overflow roster, and minus Sam, one of our best throwers, a short handed Mendon team swept us out of the opening night, 3 games to none. The scores, 3-1, 5-4(on a 9th inning home run), and 2-0, starts us out at 0-3 for the first time I can remember.

With Sam away at Ohio State, the new guys getting used to the rules and board, and some of the older guys starting slowly...it was an ugly night...with a full playing roster of 12, the at bats were few and far between, the hits, even more so.....

I did alright as an individual, going 6 for 9 for a .667 batting average with 2 of our measly 5 total RBIs...next week we play at home{St. John Lutheran Church-Celina}, then go on the road for 3 straight weeks....the early part of the season could be a rough stretch.

The Bugs of November{and October}___

Over the past decade or so, at least in this part of the country, the invasion of the Lady Bug type beetles, called Asian Lady Bugs, have increased 10 fold it seems. The docile{although they can make a lite pinch when attaching themselves to you} little creatures, are everywhere come fall, especially when the sun is shining. They can work themselves through the smallest opening in windows, screens, door jabs, etc....they love to attach themselves on fruit, in window screens, and florescent lights...a minor nuisance, but they are fun to watch, as they gather in the sunshine, and then disapear in the cloudy and cool conditions, when those return.

Off to Columbus again, to pick up Sam...we will grab a bite to eat, then head for a Basketball Meeting in Bellfontaine, Ohio....tomorrow is Veterans Day, so no classes at OSU, so he will stick around for another meeting at Van Wert, as we move towards getting our 4 meetings in before the regular season begins.

Will drive him back to the Campus on Thursday...Sam will be working a NCAA Women's Soccer Tournament Saturday at OSU on Saturday, as the Buckeye Women's team moves into tourney action with a home game or 2.

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Dartball #2 Darts, the standard Dartball Board, and The "Asian Lady" Bugs of November....

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