Monday, November 9, 2009

Looking back at the Weekend

I have been trying to keep away from the national news this weekend, and was busy enough to do just that....I really had no interest in the Socialist in the House passing Nanny State Pelosi's "Health Scam" Bill...which they did, thus sealing the fate of a few dozen left wing clowns....

Then of course was the News Media{including some, but not all on Fox News} making excuses for that Islamic piece of garbage who opened fire at Fort Hood on Friday. What the Hell is Pre-post tramatic Stress Disorder? Giving this Muzzie son of a Camel any kind of lable other than fuc**ng Terrorist is an insult to all who served in combat.

Call the murdering SOB what he is, news media, democrats, liberals, military leaders, Barack Obama....A MURDERING ISLAMIC TERRORIST SON OF A BITCH! Quit making excuses for the panderers of the "Religion of Peace" is a religion practiced by zealots and with it!

So we have a weekend of Health Care and Islamic Terror.....that should piss off any real American who thinks with his or her brain.

Friday____and the weekend.

I headed for Columbus and brought Sam back(after he totaled his car on Wednesday, he is without wheels for the time being} for the Youth Football Jamboree on Saturday. Sam, me, and another young official supervised the 15 games played{one official on each field for 5 games}...the pay was good, the hassels and coaches and fans bitching were held to a minimum, and we had great "Indian Summer" weather to deal with. I got done and sat out back, polished off a few cigars and a few more beers, while listening to Ohio State kick the snot out of Penn State in Happy Valley, PA....the weather was way too nice to sit in the house.

Sunday was even nicer, so I skipped the beers and cigars, but sent Sam over to mom's to finish off her yard work...while I sat back with Patricia and Anissa in the back yard, soaked up the 70 degree sunshine, and listened to the Bengals hammer the Baltimore Ravens 17-7. As that ended I headed back to Columbus with Sam in tow....he will be home tomorrow and Wednesday{no Ohio State classes for Veterans Day} to catch up on Basketball Meetings he has need to get 4 in, and he has yet to make one, partly due to the car crash on his way to one in Bexley, Ohio.

So Columbus and back tomorrow, back to Columbus on Thursday to drop him off...back home, then Patricia, Anissa, and I, head to Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, to stay with Patricia's folks for our early Thanksgiving this the postings may be light.

One more day of "Indian Summer" today, 65 degrees, but more clouds than sun, and back to more November type weather for the remainder of the week, and the Wisconsin trip.

Back Later>>>>

Photo-Indian Summer brings a bright look for early November along the St. Marys River, north and west of Celina, near Rockford, Ohio.


Cookie..... said...

Pat, I have PTSD, and having also been a Credentialed PTSD and Chronic Stress Disorder Counselor in the Mental Health field for 15 years, I've never heard of "Pre-PTSD". The manual I used to use to diagnos the various mental conditions is called the DSM4-R and is used nation wide, and in some cases world wide.

Now, admittedly, I have been out of the field since 1997(12 years), so its possible I guess that there is a new manual out and this is something new added to it, but I'm trying to rationalize just what the hell criteria would have to exist to diagnos this so called condition. Unless I'm completely wrong, there aren't any such condition(s) that would cause or warrant such a diagnosis. If anyone out there is more familiar with up to date DSM's, please correct me, but this certainly sounds like a diagnosis some asshole, left wing shithead journalist came up with to justify this tragedy and not call it what it was, Terrorism, plain and simple.

Pat, back in the day, did you ever in your wildest dreams or future projections ever foresee our society as it is today??

PRH....... said...

Never Cookie, but we should have known, after all it was our generation{the Baby Boomers and the 60s "Peace, Love, Dope" crowd that have screwed this world up.

We should have seen it coming....even the Military was becoming PC back in our day{with minorites in general, not with Islamics}, now it turned into a sad sight, and those who serve are being led by a bunch of politicans in uniform, not combat ready soldiers.