Monday, December 21, 2009

Down goes the Economy!!

Thanks and a Merry Christmas to Obummer and his gutless minions in DC.....assholes!

Our Kenyan-in-Thief have passed the Health Scare Bill in the Senate and now all they need to do is get with our Rubber Faced House Speaker Nanny State Pelosi, and shovel up an agreement to effectively take over 1/6 of the nation's economy...which is on life support at this writing anyway....

Not that Barry cares what the people think....because as of this morning, his poll numbers of folks who strongly disapprove of his work has reached an all-time high...all this in less than 1 year, a full 43% can't stand the SOB, while 26% continue to worship their "progressive" savior...overall his disapproval rate out scores the approval by 53-46%

Rasmussen hits the nail on the head...the average folks have finally figured this Marxist out....but I'm afraid it might be too late.

Gather your ammo and food might just need them in short order....Barry and Company are coming after yours_____Hyper-inflation is just a stones throw away. Thanks Suckers(those of you who voted for this assclown).

Dartball Tonight....Basketball tomorrow afternoon...then the Holiday rush is in full throttle....will be checking in on occasion...

back later>>>>


Harry J said...

Pat,your blogs keep getting better and better, someday I will master this thing.....Harry

Cookie..... said...

Couldn't have said it any better myself regarding "the savior", his loyal minions and his clueless supporters.

Merry Christmas America, it may be one of the last where we can afford to buy a gift or two for our loved ones and friends!

PRH....... said...

You got that right Cookie....Merry Christmas, despite what the non-Christian/Christian Obama sez: {See the latest? Barry and Michelle wanted to keep all references of Christmas out of their Holiday Greetings?...what a couple?{Couple of useless assholes that is}