Thursday, December 10, 2009

Oklahoma Justice! The "Peace" Prez? More December Milestones

The big storm that hit the upper Midwest blew north of the plains of western Ohio...we got the winds for sure{they have died down somewhat this morning}, in the 40 to 50 mph range with gusts even near 60....our old trees remained standing, but I'm sure we have lost some old limbs from those aging trees. We lucked out however, no snow to speak of. Meanwhile Wisconsin got hammered, as did the lower southwest section of Michigan which is subject to the effects of Lake Michigan snows produced by the winds across the warmer waters. Madison, Wisconsin, got 17 inches, while Patricia's folks in Oconomowoc checked in with just under a snow blower action for me, and that is fine. If I don't use the recently rehabbed snow machine this winter, I won't complain.

Today would have been Dad's 92nd Birthday....more on him after a look at a couple of headlines.

Justice, Oklahoma Style____
In a story ignored by most of the main stream media over the weekend, a 57 year old women in Oklahoma showed us all how to protect herself and her property.....and Law Enforcement gave her the go ahead: First the Story:

And the 9-1-1 recording and video:

A big thumbs up to Brenda Hart, the 911 operator....instead of telling the women to run or not to shoot, she basically told her..."You have to protect yourself" and that she had permission to use deadly force if necessary.

Of course the usual left wing idiots are feeling pity for the nutcase that tried to break in...Screw him and screw them!

Thank God for places like Oklahoma and Texas....where a person has a right to lock, load, and fire away to protect life and property. Good for this women, and good for Oklahoma!

The "Peace" Prez____

Our Kenyan Commander-and-thief jetted off to Norway to pick up his "Nobel Peace Prize" yesterday...wonder how many tons of greenhouse gases were used in that trip to promote a lie? And why didn't Barry just wait until the Copenhagen Global Warming trip next week? That way he could have cut his "gas" consumption in half?

And you gotta wonder how the leftist shills in Norway feel about giving this asshole a prize for "peace" a mere week after his announced the increase of troops by 30,000 in the Afgan War?

Nice move boys....I hope you Socialist swine choke on these awards....given out, not for peace reasons, but for Bush Derangement Syndrome time Barry, you useless ass, do the Europe thing in one freaking trip, stop wasting our tax money for your follies.

Stan Houseworth 12/10/1917-12/24/1972___

The old man was born in Scott, Ohio, this date in 1917...he weighed in at 13 pounds at birth, so I've been told....raised by his mother, my Grandmother Wilda Waldron Houseworth, along with 2 older sisters, and 2 older brothers. He would have been 92 today.

Dad had the Houseworth trait, that he was born with and passed along to us..."Wanderlust". Dad, served with the Civilian Conservation Corps in Idaho back in 1938. After returning home to Ohio, he eventually joined the Army Air Corps during World War 2, where he served stateside in Colorado, Delaware, and at Mather Field in California.

After marrying mom, in 1946, he worked a variety of jobs, most but not all revolving around his skills with tools, as an auto mechanic. Ohio, Delaware, Florida, and back to Ohio from from after the war, until his death on Christmas Eve of 1972 at the age of 55. Stan, despite having numerous jobs, was never, as I recall, without work...but he would rather be in the field hunting or on the lake or rivers fishing. Later in life Dad became an Antique Aficionado, he would go to small auctions and yard sales and pick out items that looked worthless or of small value, and turn them into quality Antiques....he had an eye for collectibles.

Happy Birthday Dad, wherever your soul might be.

Back to basketball tonight, a Freshman boys game at Spencerville...then tomorrow I drive back to Columbus in the morning to bring Sam home for the holiday break between Fall and Winter Quarters at Ohio State. Tomorrow night a WBL game at Elida, then Saturday morning I head for Delphos St Johns for a boys JH double header, while Sam gets his first basketball action at St. Marys at the same time.

Posting might be light for the next 3 days....but return I will, God Willing!

back later>>>>

Photos-Home Invader Billy Dean Riley, has assumed Room Temperature....a 16 Gauge Shotgun like the one the women used to dispatch Billy Dean....and Stan Houseworth on the Venice, Florida North Jetties, with the 100 pound Jew Fish he caught in November of 1956.


Larry said...

I heard one talking-head remark that the defender seemed a bit "too calm" for comfort [as if kinda planned] -- in other words, not the typical tone of a 9-1-1 "invasion" call. We'll see.

PRH....... said...

Don't know Larry, she seemed just a little upset after dispatching that bastard, plus it appears he was pretty high when gunned down.

Let me guess, that "talking head" is just a little left{wing} of center?

The Hermit said...

I saw that video and the moron got what he deserved.

Buck said...

Your Dad and mine are about the same age, Pat... mine being just slightly older with a June birthday in the same year. I still miss the ol' guy, and I know you miss your father, too. It's good to remember.

Larry said...

Actually, it was a conservative gal on Fox's "Red-Eye".

PRH....... said...

Thanks Buck...the good ones never fade from out memory.

Larry...that is interesting, {I love Red Eye } but I got the opinion that the women was sincere that she didn't want to off the scumbag....let's hope this wasn't a set-up, the left would use it as a full scale assult on the 2nd Amendment.

Deborah Wilson said...

Well, Billy Dean made a mistake when he violently entered the lady's home - it's called unlawful entry and/or home invasion.

Back in 1999, a girl who lived down the street from us, who went to school with my boys, was killed, along with her mother. Her ex boyfriend stalked Tara and broke in through the back door. Millie (Tara's mother) saw him coming across the backyard and before he got to the door she called 911 (she had called the police a few hours before. Mike had been there earlier and when Millie called the police he left - parked his truck around the corner on the next street. After the cops left, he came back on foot). The operator asked Millie who was trying to get in and Millie said, "Mike! Mike Buttrum!"

A few seconds later, the phone went silent - Millie and Tara tried to run out of the front door. They didn't make it. Mike shot Tara 3 times and shot Millie 5 times.

Mike ran, he stole Tara's car. He was featured on America's Most Wanted and he eventually turned himself in to police in Texas. He pleaded guilty (I believe) and is currently serving life without parole - and is asking for a new trial - which in 2006 was denied.

Tara was also pregnant but not far along enough for Mike to be charged for murder in the baby's death.

I'm not sure if Millie and/or Paul owned a gun or not but if she did she didn't defend herself or Tara with it - or maybe she didn't think she needed to use it (they knew Mike) or maybe she didn't have a chance.

How can anyone blame a woman (or a man) for self defense when they fear their life is in danger? Every person will not react in the same way.

*Buttrum verses The State*

(will ask you to save or open in pdf - open in pdf)

or click below for quick view:

Buttrum v the State - quick view

PRH....... said...

Good one Deb....If anyone should enter my abode, without my permission, they would truly be S.O.L.

That is all I will say....except, mine are secure, but within reach in a matter of seconds.

This scumbag, whether drunk, stoned, or just evil, got his justice....

FHB said...

Ii saw that on the news. Good for here, and happy birthday to your dad.