Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Lower Poll Numbers,Tom Russell, and the Winds of December

Walked outside to feed the birds and squirrels...the winds are whipping, and after a dropping of snow, sleet, and then rain, last night, the temperatures climbed to around 45 by they are on the way back down....a high of maybe 20 with 40-50 mph winds by tomorrow....beautiful, just freaking beautiful!

I did a boys Junior High double header at Lincolnview yesterday, when we walked out of the school at 7:30, the wind had picked up, and the skies were dumping a combination of snow, sleet, and rain....but by the time I reached Celina{25 miles south} it was all rain with slippery conditions due to the 30 degree temps....the roads were just wet by the time daylight was with us.
No games today....

A quick look at some news:

Obama's First Year Poll Numbers Worst since Harry Truman____

His numbers are even worse in the most accurate of pollsters..Rasmussen:

It appears that the shine is off the Kenyan, despite the best efforts of the lap dog media, and groveling clowns like Jon Stewart and Keith for me, everytime I mistakenly catch one of his speeches or parts thereof...I get a sudden rapid case of nausea. It appears that much of the country is finally getting it, but it may be too late to stop the flood of rules, laws, and spending, this SOB and his lemmings, Reid and Pelosi, are tossing out at us. War has been declared, it's the Obama Administration versus the American People.

Tom Russell-American Cowboy Poet____

A couple of weeks ago when I met up with my old friend Bill Clem at G&R in Waldo, for a beer and super Baloney Sandwich, he handed me a half dozen or more CDs of 2 of his favorite was Chris Knight, and the other Tom Russell.

I listened to Russell's 1991 CD "Cowboy Real" on the 2 hour or so drive from Waldo back to Celina....and have to admit I enjoyed every song on it....since that drive I have been alternating listening to Russell and Knight on the car CD when traveling to games...I especially like Russell's older stuff, but have to admit I find some of it a little "left wing" for my political taste....but disregarding some of the lyrics that bemoan the plight of illegals, criminal murderers and draft dodgers, like Claude Dallas, and American Indians, I find this type of music reminds me of Woody Guthrie and the genre from the Great Depression era.

Here are a couple of selections on you tube:

First off from October on the Letterman Show, with one of his new ones that strikes a cord with folks my age: East of Woodstock/West of Vietnam

And here is a favorite Cowboy song of mine:

That was "Tonight We Ride".....and finally Bill's favorite "Gallo Del Cielo" a live version:

That about does the musical version for today...enjoy!

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Photos-Tom Russell's outstanding album from the early 90s.."Cowboy Real", and our resident Dope of a Prez!


The Hermit said...

You do a lot of driving. I hope you can write it off on your taxes, since it's part of your income stream.

PRH....... said...

Us Retired{semi} old farts don't pay no taxes Hermit... at least that's what the Obummer and Company tell me.

Donald Borsch Jr. said...

It's never too late to repeal all these policies of jackassery.

When Congress gets their "liberal enema" in 2010, the repeal process should be priority number 1.

Just a thought here, but could we impeach Obama on the basis that he sucks? I wonder if that is an impeachable offense...

PRH....... said...

He sucks and Pelosi and Reid Blow....but remember the media has his back{while he and they are stabbing US in ours}.

The Lonely Conservative said...

I hope Donald's right. These democrats are a real bummer.