Monday, October 18, 2010

The 2nd Amendment and other musings on my Morning Walk...

My legs feel like concrete....after 4 straight days of football, those aging 61 and 1/2 year old appendages needed some rest, but I got up and back out for my morning walk about 8am, after slacking off for a week or so.  The skies were partly cloudy, with some gray clouds hanging around and over Grand Lake...the photos I took this morning look much like ones I tool back in early September, but even though the sky looked similar, there was a difference in the air.  It was about 25 degrees cooler today on my walk.  About 40, compared to the 65 or so when I took the last similar digital photographs.

Although I can handle the cooler weather for the most part, the cold does have an effect on my hands...they don't respond to the colder temperatures well, unless I have a pair of cotton gloves on...this morning I walked without gloves and that did have an effect.  The cold hands is the one thing that bothers me when we head to Michigan in late October to Salmon Fish.

As I walked along Lake Shore Drive, I noticed the Canada Geese, for the most part were hanging around, and crapping all along the park and roadway...several were swimming in the shallows along Lake Shore....I did notice a couple of flocks venturing out over the lake....and when they got towards Safety Island, the Guns of Autumn would sound...Waterfowl Hunting Season is in full swing, and the local hunters are trying their luck at knocking down a few geese and ducks.  Even though I no longer hunt, I have no problem with the folks culling the Canada Goose herd...they are basically a nuisance locally, and need to be kept at somewhat manageable levels.

Even though I have not hunted in over 30 years...I support that right, and especially the right to bear arms, without the freaking Government, local, state, or Federal, sticking their noses in...the founding fathers demanded that we be allowed.  I wonder how the folks in England and Australia feel now that they have given up their guns and right to bear same...and now rely on the Nanny State to provide security for them.  God help us if we ever become that weak....although liberals, and those living in urban and suburban areas seem to favor the Government providing protection for them and doesn't work, never has, never will.  Only a damn fool would rely on people like Barack Obama, Ohio Governor Ted Strickland, or your local Deputy Dog for security and protection. 

The Week Ahead_____

No game tonight, but we do have a Dartball League organizational meeting at Hopewell, the hosts for this year in the Wabash Valley Dartball League....the season will kick off early next month, and run through most of March.  Tomorrow my final Junior High contest here in Celina.  Then Wednesday I plan on meeting up with my old buddy Bill Clem at Waldo...where we will have a world famous Bologna Sandwich,  a beer or two, and then head for Columbus to take in a Columbus Blue Jackets NHL Hockey game....the Jackets face the Anaheim's been a couple of years since I was there last.  Although a long time Philadelphia Flyers fan, the Columbus team, despite it's rough history, are entering their 10th season, and I claim them as my "second" favorite team.  Should be a good or lose.

Nothing else on the agenda until Saturday, when I probably finish up my football season at Waynesfield for a final JV game of the season....which will be followed on Sunday by another tournament double header in the area youth league in Celina.  Next week the calender will be clear until Nick and I pack up and head for Oscoda, Michigan, for a try at Salmon and Walleye on the Au Sable River and Lake Huron.

Now, time to rest those aging legs....back later>>>>

Photos-Grand Lake as it looked this morning on my walk along Lake Shore Drive.  The job killing Main Street project continues in Celina's downtown...this portion is due to be completed in November, so they say....then the winter off, and more job killing construction come next Spring...what a sad joke, especially for the businesses that line historic Main and small cities are doing this around the country, what a mess!  The Columbus Blue Jackets have began their 10th season in Ohio's Capital City...I'll get a chance to see them in action against the Ducks of Anaheim on Wednesday....after I stop at the home of my ancestors, Waldo, Ohio, and grab a beer and a world famous Baloney Sandwich at G&R Tavern.


FHB said...

Beautiful skies. We've got Canada geese down here, at the pond in front of the college. They've found a safe haven.

Anonymous said...

My granddaughter is a student at Columbus State and is a cheerleader for the Blue Jackets!

debie Elliot said...

I didn't mean to put anon. I typed in Debie