Friday, October 15, 2010

Finally Friday!

Of course being semi-retired, and spending much of the weekends officiating sports most months...Friday and the coming weekend really are not that big of deal these least to me.  But, what the heck?   I don't have much on my plate, and will post a couple of Youtube Friday Songs:  First, here is George Jones:

Tonight I will work a varsity game in the Green Meadows Conference with Mosier's crew....Holgate against Hicksville...about 60 miles north of here....last night completed a under the lights 7th grade game at the stadium here in Celina.   The host team was up 20-8 over visiting Elida at the half, but the first play out of intermission was intercepted by the visiting Bulldogs and ran in for a touchdown, it was mostly Elida after that, and they came away with a 44-28 win, by dominating the second half.

The remainder of the weekend will be filled with Spencerville tomorrow morning for a JV game, then will work a double header in the Recreational League on Sunday, the MLB League finals begin, and (for now) #1 Ohio State travels to Wisconsin to battle the 18th ranked Badgers...always a tough contest...this one is under the lights Saturday on ESPN.

That's all I've got for now...enjoy the weekend, leaving you with an oldie from the Easybeats, with "Friday on my Mind":  From the year, 1967, when I graduated from Celina High. 

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Photos-Friday in the fall means football....and one of my recent walk photos of Grand Lake and it's shoreline.


FHB said...

We were gonna go out and see that new flick RED, about the retired spies who "get the band back together", but now plans have changed. It's dinner with mom in Temple and then back home to watch the Rangers play the Yankees on the big TV. You have fun out there.

Debie Elliot said...

Love the George Jones song, but are those other guys?
Haha! I don't especially care for the Yankees, but I have a bet with a guy who took Texas. I have the Phillies, so if the Yanks beat Texas in these play offs, then he loses before WS even starts.