Thursday, October 7, 2010

Autumn Beers, Cigars, and No Hitters/A Black Conservative says "Obamalism" is Dead

Yesterday was one of those couple of handful of days in this part of the world that was "perfect", or at least near perfect, weather wise.  Not a cloud in the sky, a good breeze and 70 or so for a high.  Today and tomorrow look the same, even a bit warmer, and it is scheduled to work it's way into the 80s for the weekend.  "Indian Summer" before the first frost?

So I got out put the back windows in the Jeep Wrangler...a pain in the arse to say the least.  I love using the Jeep in the Summer with the top down, but regardless there is no safe or easy way to get all the zippers and Velcro back in exact position come Fall, when it's time to return everything on it back to it's place for cold weather driving.  Of course with all the openings in the soft top and accompanying equipment, sometimes I figure I might as well drive "topless" 365 days a year.

After that was done, I fired the mower up and completed what may, I repeat may, be the final mowing of the season.  Once done there, I headed over to mom's and did the same for her lawn....with 80s still on the horizon, I'm not positive enough to store both mowers away for the year, might have to wait until the return from Michigan fishing in early November to do that.

With the mowing and hedging done about 2:30pm I drove out to Wally World on Celina's east side, and picked up some sliced Roast Beef and a 12 pack of Sam Adams fall brews called "Harvest Collection".  It contains two regular Sam Adams Lagers and 10 bottles(2 each) of five other kinds, those being , "Octoberfest", Dunkelweizen, Harvest Pumpkin Ale, Black Lager, and Irish didn't take long to pick out a favorite, Black Lager was the first tried and by far the best....somewhere in the line of my favorite "Heavy Dark Beer",  Guinness Extra Stout.  By the time I finished for the evening, I had tried the Harvest Pumpkin(watery), Octoberfest(not bad), Dunkelweizen, cannot remember :), and both bottles of Black Lager....not a big Red Ale fan, so I will stick that on my buddy Nick or somebody else, and will save the regular bottles of Sam Adams for after football tonight, while watching the MLB Playoffs...more on that later.

Anyway Reagan and I sat outside in the sunshine amid perfect fall weather, seasonal beer, and a good hand rolled cigar!  A good way to waste away some time...the fenced-in back yard, while not fancy in any way, shape, or form, is by far my favorite place on this earth to just kick back, when the weather is good, and think about nothing.
"Doc" Halladay hammers the Reds____

I'm sure my Uncle Jack DeVore was smiling up in Antwerp last night, and somewhere in the promised land, so is his older brother my late Uncle Bill's two younger brothers are and were, in Uncle Bill's case, big time Phillie Fans....

Roy Halladay had my Cincinnati Reds number last night....a complete game no-hitter and a 4-0 whitewashing of Cincy in the opening best of 5 playoff game.  One batter, a Jay Bruce walk, away from his second perfect game of the season, and that walk away from equaling Don Larson's perfect game back in the 1956 World Series for the Yankees against the Brooklyn Dodgers.  The Reds fell down quickly, a run in the 1st and 3 more off Edison Volquez in the 2nd, and the Reds were Philadelphia toast.

The Reds will try again, behind ace Bronson Arroyo on Friday will be no easy task, as the Phils will march out Reds killer Roy Oswalt(23-3 lifetime against Cincinnati) to counter.  The Yankees came back to defeat Minnesota and the Texas Rangers knocked off Tampa Bay to claim road wins and 1-0 series leads in the American League playoffs....Atlanta travels to San Francisco to open that NL series this afternoon.

Larry Elder says "Obamalism" as we know it is...R.I.P.____

Larry Elder is a black Conservative, which of course makes him a hated man by white liberals, the lame stream media, and the poverty pimping whores that follow  Barack Obama, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackass...Three useless racist pieces of garbage as the world has ever seen.   Elder says...have luck come January Barry, whether the GOP wins the House and Senate or not, your bullet proof margins in both houses are done:;_ylt=AvzjCK7q0c5eW79M3LGAPBNH2ocA;_ylu=X3oDMTNncWVjNnJvBGFzc2V0Ay9zL3VjLzIwMTAxMDA3L2NtX3VjX2NybGVseC9vcF8yNDE1NTk5BGNjb2RlA21wX2VjXzhfMTAEY3BvcwMxMARwb3MDMTAEc2VjA3luX3RvcF9zdG9yaWVzBHNsawNvYmFtYWxpc20tLWE-

My major concern is not whether the GOP(a gutless group that doesn't know how to govern when in power) will win, because they will make major inroads major concern is how much damage can this Kenyan fool and his lackeys in Congress and his Administration do between November and January when they are run out of town?

Junior High football tonight in some baseball tonight....not much else on the personal agenda.

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Photos(as always double click for larger views)-top left, The Sam Adams Harvest Collection, 12 pack...The Jeep almost ready for cold weather...I'm not!  Reagan outside in the Autumn of her days...the old Airedale is nearing 12 1/2 and slowing down considerably.  Roy "Doc" Halladay celebrates with his catcher Carlos Ruiz after last night's playoff no-hitter over the Reds, and Larry Elder says The Obummer programs and goals are D.O.A.~Good Riddance!

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Deborah Wilson said...

Speaking of Autumn beers, last Sunday I had me a few at the Mexican Restaurant and got a little...'tipsy'. lol It was the first time that I've drank anything in over a year.

It's cold down here, the wind has blown hard all week. I'm glad the heat is gone - one more week would have done me in. When the heat broke, all I wanted to do was sleep, for about 3 days. Thank God for seasons.

As for Nov elections, the Dems will be gone (I hope). Fired. And I'm not voting for any incumbents, i.e., 'career politicans' either.