Monday, October 4, 2010

Baseball Playoffs and Nutty Left Wing Politics

Fall is now in the air in western Ohio.   We did get some rain on Saturday, and that was replaced by winds, clouds, and cooler temps....after low 60s for today and tomorrow, the next week or so looks to be in the low 70s with sunshine and no hint of rain...perfect early Fall Weather.

Saturday I traveled south to Versailles for a JV game...and Sunday I worked a Recreation Football League double header here in Celina.....tonight back here for a Freshman game between Celina and Lima Shawnee.

MLB Playoffs are set_____

San Diego was eliminated on the final day of the regular season yesterday, and the playoffs will go on without needing a play-in game.  Atlanta clinched the Wild Card in the National League, while the San Francisco win over the Padres clinched the West Division for them....The Yankees fell to the Wild Card in the AL, while Tampa Bay won the East....Minnesota and Texas fill out the American League playoff picture.   The Cincinnati Reds will travel to Philadelphia on Wednesday to open the National League post-season:

The Reds face a rough row to hoe, but anything is possible.  Manager Dusty Baker has picked 3 right handers, Edison Volquez, Bronson Arroyo, and Johnny Cueto, to pitch the first three games....Homer Bailey and rookie Travis Wood have been left out of the starting rotation....Woods a left hander had the Phillies no-hit in a perfect game going into the 9th inning earlier this season....I would have put him in, in place of Cueto...but that's why Baker gets the big bucks.  It's his choice.

Obama The Nazi?

 I've never made it a secret that I believe that Barry Soetoro(Barack Obama) is the absolute worst President in history....Marxist, commie stooge, sock puppet of left wing financier George Soros, etc.  The guy is not up to the task....he is as dumb as a rock(where the Hell are the College Transcrips?), and basically a useless tool of the American left, and Islamic terrorists.

Now it appears the big eared Bozo has taken a page out of the Adolph Hitler handbook:

These clowns will do anything and everything to stay in power and attempt to persuade  the gullible public...whether or not the gutless GOP takes control of the House and/or Senate next January, the left still own the courts, and have the lap dog media in their corner....things will get worse before they get better.

Meanwhile the Obummer's ratings continue to bottom out:

All-in-all Americans appear to be sick and tired of both parties...the losers in the Democratic Party are in power, and they likely will get the heave-ho come November 2nd.  But will the GOP be able to govern from the right, or will they get to Washington and find they like the spot light, and fall into the same trap as they did in 1994 and again under Bush2?.

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Gene Bach said...

I'm rooting for a Giants/Yankees series. The Yankees are my American League team, and since it'll be a cold day in hell before my Cubs ever win anything, I might as well root for the "home" team. The G's are gonna have to play better than they have the last couple of weeks if they expect to do well though. However, anything can happen in a short series.

On the note of playoffs: how is the high school playoff system set up there? There's all kinds of nutty point values here, and they let in FAR too many teams. Our local high school made the playoffs 2 years ago with a 2-8 league record. 2-8!? Are they kidding? When I played it was the top 2 teams in the league...period. What the hell happened to the best get to advance? I'm not a big fan of "fair", if you know what I mean.

PRH....... said...

Grew up a Yankees fan in South Florida back in the 60s Gene...but when we moved to Ohio I took up the Reds. Not a big fan of Dusty Baker, but he brought them this far.....we will see how he and they do in the playoffs. I doubt a long run is in the works...too young and inexperienced.

Ohio has crazy points values in Football, but seldom does a team with a 5-5 record make it, unless they beat a couple of Big Schools...6 divisions, 8 teams total from each Region make the show, 4 Regions in each Division.