Monday, October 25, 2010

My Football Season Ends....Salmon Fishing Trip and Basketball Up Next!

Sam, home from Ohio State after working the OSU/Purdue game, and I worked a semi final double header in the area youth football league...Sidney Lehman Catholic won the JV game over Union City, (3rd and 4th grade), while Celina White took an exciting 19-12 decision over Lehman in the Varsity contest(5th and 6th game).  The league "Super Bowl" is next Saturday night...not sure of the location, but I won't be able to work that one...I'll be in northern lower Michigan, and my annual Salmon fishing with Nick.

Tonight, a Celina Freshman game, will be my last football of the season....a basketball state rules meeting in Piqua tomorrow, followed by a local meeting in Van Wert on Wednesday, will be the prelude to the coming winter roundball season.  On Thursday, the trip north far the original rain filled forecast has turned into a good amount of sunshine, with highs in the lower 50s...not bad for that far north this time of the year.

Football is my shortest season______

 Football for me begins in mid August, and ends the final week in October, just before my Michigan trip.  Although for some officials, coaches, and teams, the season will last until the early days of December...the high school state finals can be a cold affair on occasions, but sometimes they turn out sunny and Indian Summer like.  By that time,   I'll be well into Basketball season....that lasts until late February, when I take a month or so off until my favorite season, and my most productive(as far as games and tournament involvement), Baseball, which begins for me in mid March.

Basketball, which will begin with scrimmages following our trip to Patricia's folks in Wisconsin in mid-November, is by far the hardest on an officials legs, feet, and back...those hard wood and other surfaced floors and courts, are unforgiving.  That is another reason why my 61+ year old body appreciates the time off between seasons.

The week ahead will remain busy...but I'll continue to check in before heading north...back later>>>>

Photos from Michigan...Our 2 main fishing spots along the Au Sable River...The Foote Dam west of Oscoda has been good to us in the past, while the outflow from the river into Lake Huron, although not as good to us, is an easy fish, and close to the Blue Horizon where we take up residence for a few days.

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Debie Elliot said...

I had lunch today with Bill Edwards from Paulding Health Dept.We had a bet on playoffs and of course I lost. He picked Braves and Texas. He told me that he knew more about baseball than anyone. He asked me, "do you know anyone that knows more about baseball than I do?" I said, "Yes." He said "who?" So I told him "Pat Houseworth." of course he knew you and asked if you were still announcing. I told him I never met you yet, but you was an ump etc. I told him you had also chose Texas. Small world. I bet with my heart, not my mind. LOL