Friday, October 22, 2010

The Far Left National Public Radio eats one of their own...Juan Williams is toast at NPR

The frost was on the pumpkin this morning and I noted some ice in the birdbath out in the back yard as well...the rest of the day calls for sunshine and mid 60s, with 70s for the upcoming weekend, and possibly a spot of rain on Sunday.  By the time Nick and I head for Oscoda, Michigan, and our annual Salmon Fishing trek, late next week, things will have cooled off, both here and there, and some cold rain is possible early in the trip.

Football Updates_____

After the "incident" following the Junior High football game on Tuesday, and my follow up reports, things moved quickly on Wednesday morning, before I headed to Marion and Columbus.  The Athletic Director of the visiting school, the Varsity Head Coach, and the Freshman Coach/Fan all quickly e-mailed with apologies for the same coach/fan and his actions following the game.  Were they heartfelt and sincere?  I don't know, they may have been just to divert any further action, and have the state association not get involved.  Either way,   I accepted them, and assured all that I hold no grudge...and I don't.  However, that doesn't take away from the facts of the matter that this kind of incident should not have happened, especially given the fact that the perpetrator fan is a coach at the school.  As luck would have it, I have a game at the same location with his Freshman team next Monday, my final scheduled game of the year.  I will be there to officiate, whether he will be there to coach, is not known...and frankly, not of concern to me.  The schools have to make that call, I will do what I always do, try to officiate the game in a fair and firm I always succeed?  Of course not...but I try.

The only thing I can add to this sorry episode is that, if this had been 15 or 20 years ago, things probably would not have ended as well as they did.  I have learned much over the years, and one of them is to think about actions and reactions before I make them...always be prepared for what might happen, but keep your wits.  I believe I followed my own advice, and things appear to have worked out for the best.  I still hate the fact that if one or two of my fellow officials had been young guys, how would they have reacted?  Would they think to themselves..."Is this worth all this"? But with three veteran "Old Guys", the incident ended without the law or fist-a-cuffs being needed.

No Varsity game for me tonight, although Sam has one this week and another next Friday in the Columbus area...good experience for him to get 3 Varsity assignments this season....I'm sure he will be ready for whatever future Varsity assignments he may get....he's already a veteran Varsity Baseball Umpire, and this will had to his officiating resume down the road.  I finish up my football work this weekend, with a JV game at Waynesville on Saturday, a tournament youth double header in Celina(with Sam) on Sunday, and the aforementioned Monday game to finish it off.  Fishing in Michigan, then the annual Wisconsin trip in early November come before I put on the basketball duds in the days before and following Thanksgiving.

NPR, much like Obama, a Tool of George Soros____

I have been watching and reading the fallout of the firing of liberal journalist Juan Williams from his gig at National Public Radio...I almost smile at the thought.  Here is Juan a big time left wing talker and journalist, getting fired for speaking his mind, on a sorry leftist tool of George Soros...NPR has always been a far left joke, and why the taxpayers are asked to "pony up" 3 or 4 million dollars each year to help fund this garbage of the airways, has had me shaking my head.

Time to unfund NPR and let the Marxist scum and universities that support this trash, pay all it's bills.  I never donate to Public Radio or TV, except the few bucks that my taxes contribute.  And that's a few bucks too much.  It's garbage, time to take out the trash.

As for Williams...not to shed a tear, he just got a nice contract from Fox, and that means he will continue to be the "balance": that Fox News claims...I just think it is great that Williams, a well spoken lefty, now has his most ardent support coming from the right...justice is sweet indeed. 

As far as his comments about being rather nervous with Muslims getting on planes in goat herder clothes...I'm with him, they need to dress like human beings, goat herding never was big in the US......and soap and water will do wonders, if they are looking to be liked.

Enjoy the weekend, there won't be many good weather weekends left before winter sets in....back later>>>>

Photos-Juan Williams, now just of Fox News, sans NPR...the football season for me finishes off come Monday, and National Public Radio and their perceived "cure" for wayward Liberal Journalists who don't toe the "Marxism Is Us" line.....


Deborah Wilson said...

Well, there's more to the story than Juan making a comment that NPR disagrees with...

Isn't it interesting that George Soros has been donating heavily to them of late?

Here's an excerpt from Glenn Beck:

Glenn Beck: NPR Boots Juan Williams


GLENN: Okay. He was fired for saying that on FOX. He was fired from NPR. Now, I told you earlier this week that George Soros is funding 100 journalists for NPR, to the tune of $1.8 million. Are those disconnected, that the week after the Tides Foundation, which is funding the Huffington Post's investigative arm, after a week after they declare war on me and declares war on me and boycott and all of this stuff, Juan Williams says this, George Soros', you know, $1.8 million is in their hand at NPR, George Soros decides I am coming out and donating another million dollars to Media Matters to stand against Glenn Beck and FOX News. We have to get Glenn Beck off the air and so we will target all of FOX News, on the same day NPR, the recipient of $1.8 million from George Soros fires Juan Williams for having an opinion that you may or may not agree with, but they fire him for that opinion. That is not unrelated. That is a message to everyone in FOX.

[end of excerpt]

Juan Williams is a liberal but he is a nice man and one with morals - it's absolutely insane that anyone could ever accuse him of making racist/bigoted comments intentionally.

The bottom line is that liberal - Polically Correct media is declaring war on anyone who disagrees with them - they intimidate in order to silence.

PRH....... said...

They are digging their own graves Deb...we are on to them, and with the open Internet(at least for now)...they might as well be spitting in the wind....

Debie Elliot said...

I am scared to death whenever I fly and there are Muslims on board. While flying from to Chicago to Fort Wayne from a newspaper award ceremony, there were like 6 muslims at the airport. They were dressed in their garb and were on their knees and were chanting. I was so nervous. So Juan isn't alone in his thinking. One time I won $800 gambling in Atlantic City and thought that everyone on board the airplane coming home was from the Mafia. They looked like mafia guys.

Debie Elliot said...

I was scared they were after my winnings

Anonymous said...

Found you through Sarge's site. I was at Long Van, also McDermott near 5SFG HQ. Temporarily at some other spots in II Corps, but mostly around Nha Trang. You remember Binh Tan satcom & A502?

As to JW, never agreed with him, but it's interesting and telling that his lib cronies fired him, while the people he usually disagrees with are defending him.

PRH....... said...

Thanks for stopping by Crocket...and Welcome Home! Yep, I am watching Williams host the Billy O'Show tonight...and he is on a rant.

He must feel like he has been stabbed in the back by his lib buddies, but that's what "Progressives" do best.

Eric from Indiana said...

Good job keeping your head during your ugly post-game incident! I've been officiating baseball games for five years now and am one of the few "younger" guys in my area of Indiana. I feel lucky to have avoided major issues and wonder, too, if younger officials feel it isn't worth the hassle of dealing with fans and coaches. I admit I have sometimes have trouble blocking out the "noise" from outside the lines. I suppose with time my skin will thicken.


PRH....... said...

Eric...always tough to block out the sounds...I don't mind catching "Hell" for fans, as long as they keep in in the stands, whether it be baseball, basketball, or football...I draw the line when that "fan" (especially when he is also a coach} comes out of the stands and tries to intimidate you on your way to the car.

He crossed the line...but I don't think it will happen with him again, if it does, he will likely be gone.

thanks for stopping by, and thanks for the input.

FHB said...

His story sounds awfully familiar to me now.

PRH....... said...

Jeff: Yep, we live in a fishbowl, especially when working with the public or in the public great advantage is, I'm too old to give a rat's ass.