Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Wacky, but Dangerous, Teachers Unions

After a miserable cold rain last night the first noticeable frost was on the cars, roofs, and some ground areas this morning...since then the sun has come out in full force, and little remains of the frost.

Yesterday afternoon I was at the bank when the cell phone in my pocket begin to send out it's musical tune...I answered, and it was Chris, the Athletic Director from Paulding, asking me if I was open for a 4:30 at his place for a Junior High game.   My game in Celina has been canceled earlier, and I had the day open...although I had a Dartball organizational meeting scheduled for 7:30, but could do the 90 mile round trip for the game and still make it back in time for the meeting...so I said "sure, I'll be there".  A few more bucks in my pocket towards next weeks fishing trip to the Au Sable/Lake Huron area in Michigan.

Got home around 8:15, just in time to watch the Texas Rangers dismantle the Yankees, and take a 2-1 lead in the ALCS...the National League series between the Phillies and San Francisco,  is tied at one win a piece, and both series resume today.  In a catch up on other sports...Ohio State's hold on the #1 spot in the nation lasted one week...as on Saturday night, the Buckeyes were knocked off at Madison by the Wisconsin Badgers 31-18...I'm sure my wife's Wisconsin family members are happy with that...as for me?  OSU got out coached, and the Junior Quarterback that Jim Tressel  put all his capital into, Terrelle Pryor, once again proves he's not exactly ready for "prime time"...although the defense and special teams were even more to blame than Pryor's inconsistent performance.  I've mentioned before that I lost much respect for Tressel when he threw senior signal caller Todd Boeckman "under the bus" in 2008 all for the ego and promises he made to Pryor....that decision basically destroyed the 2008 season, and since then, despite the continued success over hated rival Michigan, and last year's Rose Bowl win over Oregon, my rooting interest in Ohio State football has become much less than it was before.

The Teacher's Unions and how they have ruined Public Education_____

 With a wife, a long time teacher, from a long line of teachers, and a youngest son who works with Autistic Children and teaches high school history on the side...both with Bachelors and Masters in Education, I have nothing against teachers to say the least.  There are some very good ones and like every other profession, there are some stinkers....those stinkers are the ones that need the help of the NEA(National Education Association) and the satellite state groups like Ohio's sorry OEA(Ohio Education Association).  These groups, like most unions exist, to keep incompetent workers in jobs, teaching perversion, revisionist history, global warming lies,  and tossing the exorbitant dues the charge their membership behind the likes of any far left Democratic candidate they think can help them push their equally far left agenda of lies and meritocracy.  Yes, public education is in the crapper at all levels in the USA, and gutless school boards, incompetent administrations, and teachers unions that protect below average educators, are mostly to blame...some parents fall into the same category.

The OEA and Politics_____

The Ohio arm of the NEA, the OEA, sends out crapola concerning it's political beliefs in the mail, and I usually toss it in the recycle bin as soon as it comes to my box.   In Ohio they of course are supporting any spending bill they ever saw...tax payers be dammed.  They also are supporting our far left Governor, Ted Strickland over former Congressman John Kasich.  To be honest, I will vote for Kasich, but really, if Strickland were to win, I wouldn't be all that heart broken...Governors are at the beck and call of the State Houses and the Federal Government...and Strickland believes in executing convicted killers(8 so far this year) and supports the 2nd Amendment, so he could be worse.  But the flyer the OEA sent out for reasons to defeat Kasich convinced me to vote for the Republican:  Check out these reasons for defeating the GOP candidate:

(1) He tried to eliminate the US Department of Education...Now I think Ronald Reagan wanted that bloated Federal group of BureaRats eliminated...and it would save the Taxpayers Billions...I'm all for it...the Department of Education is basically useless...it should be eliminated.  Vote for Kasich.

(2) Kasich will phase out Ohio's income tax, resulting in devastating cuts in education...considering the waste in government and education, chalk up another vote for Kasich....Ohio's income tax should be eliminated.

(3)Kasich refused to meet with the OEA to discuss his views....well since their views are mainly those of Socialism and the promoting of abortion on demand, gay and transgender support, and other far left agenda bullshit, why meet with these asshats?  Another vote for Kasich!

Like I said, I really have no big problem with Strickland(although as a rule, I do not vote for Democrats)...however, the OEA talking points against John Kasich have made my decision easy....Kasich gets my vote...anybody that can piss off the utterly corrupt teachers unions, gets my vote.  And no, my wife is not a member of the OEA...being a Christian, she long ago realized that you cannot support the gutter loving agenda of the OEA and the NEA and look at yourself in the mirror.

Meanwhile my personal agenda has a 8th grade football game on tap here in Celina tonight...the final Junior High game of the season. Tomorrow, I hook up with my old buddy Bill Clem, for a trip to Baloney Heaven, Waldo, Ohio, and then to the Capital City to take in a Columbus Blue Jacket hockey game against the Anaheim Ducks.

Back Later>>>>

The so-called "non-profit" OEA, like it's big sister the NEA is nothing more than a schill for far left wing Democrats, perverts, and bad education.....the reasons they list for not voting for John Kasich are enough to give him my vote over their choice...Ted "NAMBLA" Stickland...and on the right, Terrelle Pryor, and his Coach, "The Vest" Jim Tressel, have managed to once again fall short of expectations....no surprise on this end.


Sarge Charlie said...

The teachers and other unions are bankrupting this country while they fight to keep substandard teachers on the job.

I did a post today that I think every woman should read, men also. My blog

feel free to re-post

FHB said...

Started subbing today at a local HS. Sucks, but it's a job.

Yea, any organization that has, as it's guiding interest, the fleecing of the taxpayer for the aggrandizement of one group or another, should be criminalized. Teachers need to be empowered to teach, and have all the friggin' paperwork taken away. Administrators and parents should be tazored when they attempt to come in the building.

And yea, it's cool to see the Rangers winning. Lets hope they can keep it up.

United Citizens Council said...

Go Rangers

Debie Elliot said...

I do know that almost all of the school systems are hurting for money. WT has a tax on in Nov. as well as Vantage. They all built new schools and that is about all they can do. Plus WT lost a lot of money a few years ago when the CEO of Oakwood Bank, Steve Miller, embezzeled $48 million. He isnow in prison for it, but people will NEVER recover. Of course WT and other schools lost a lot of money as they had accts in that bank. I do know that my husband worked as tool and dye makers in factory and the Unions really helped them out. IDK about teachers, but they deserve every dollar they get. And to the last 2 posters I sure hope Texas gets beat, because I have money riding on it!

MaidensMan said...

Pure essence of wisdom!