Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Baseball Playoffs Begin/ So does the NHL/Never vote for a Democrat...

The Reds head for Philly this afternoon to take on a Philadelphia club that is as hot as any in the Majors at this point...the upstart Cincinnati squad are huge underdogs at this point, especially given the veteran pitching rotation that the Phillies will toss in the first 3 games...tonight and Friday in Philly and Sunday evening in Cincy.

Roy Halladay, Roy Oswalt, and Cole Hamels, against the Reds young Edison Volquez(tonight) and Johnny Cueto(Sunday), sandwiched around veteran Bronson Arroyo, who will go on Friday.  Philadelphia clearly has the advantage, at least in starting pitching.  I think in the bullpen staffs the Reds have a slight edge, as they do in defense.  But that starting staff gives the Phils a clear edge....the teams appear even in offensive production.

Last night I traveled to Antwerp for a JH Football game.  Antwerp is home of my Uncle Jack, a long time Philly was his late brother,  my Uncle Bill DeVore...Mom's family were from Chester, Pennsylvania, and grew up in Wilmington, Delaware, hot beds for Philadelphia baseball....both the Athletics, in the early days, and the Phils these days.  I, however,  root for only one Philadelphia team...The Hockey Flyers, the "Broad Street Bullies"...have ever since the early days when they were kicking opponents asses, both on the ice and the scoreboard....speaking of which, the NHL Season kicks off this coming fact the Flyers take on hated rival Pittsburgh tomorrow night in the opening of the Pens new arena...meanwhile other NHL teams will open in Europe again this year:

The only bad thing about the NHL Season, well actually two bad things...The season lasts forever, and Winter is not far behind, once the season starts....

Ohio's Governor, Ted Strickland_____

Ted Strickland...NAMBLA Ted as I call him, was a left wing Congressman from the hilljack country of southern Ohio, when he decided to run for Governor of Ohio 4 years was easy pickings.  He was running against a Black Conservative, who the left wing media did it's best to destroy.  Add that to the fact that the Republican Governor at that time, Bob Taft, was a complete moron, who surrounded himself with incompetents and crooks.  Despite Ted's penchant for supporting pervert rights, and hiring and coddling criminals who would work in the Governor's Manison with free reign....Ted had it made, he is probably wishing now, he had stayed in Congress...because it appears that Strickland will be one term and done.

John "Wall Steet"  Kasich____

Another former Ohio Congressman, John Kasich, is Ted Strickland's opponent in November...and with a 6 to 10 point lead in the polls, Kasich, who worked in Wall Street, and for Fox News, after leaving Congress, it appears will be the next Governor of Ohio.

As for who I will vote for....guess I will hold my nose and vote for Kasich...not that I trust him farther than I could throw him and Strickland together...Kasich is a Wall Street insider, IMO, Wall Street is the reason this country is out of bailouts, Stimulus BS,  and being "To Big To Fail"...Kasich and his ilk are part of the problem.  Strickland on the other hand is an Obama supporting way in Hell I can support him.  As bad as Wall Street is, The Democrats(Marxists) are worse...both the Dems and GOP need tossed out on their collective ears....

While I cannot find much good to say about Strickland's term in office(I also cannot blame him for the business and "White Flight" from Ohio, it's a national problem...if you're going to starve, why do it in a state run by union trash and where the weather sucks?)...I do agree with two of his positions....he is a big 2nd Amendment Supporter, or that at least is what he says....and he, despite being a former pastor in the Methodist Church of Perpetual Misery, is not afraid to fry the murdering scum that stalks the urban and other areas of the Buckeye State:

Piece of trash #8 for 2010 is set to assume room temperature today.....the most since my birth year 1949....for that Ted I salute you...and here it is only early October...we may hit double digits before Christmas....

No game with the temperatures set to hit the low 70s with sunshine...think I'll do some lawn mowing...mine first, then over to Mom's to take care of 2 birds with one mower.

back later>>>>

Photos-top left...Guns and hunting(even though I no longer do) have always been a part of our family...I have hunting license from my Great-Grandfather William Waldron dating back to 1913, and the photo shows me with dad's 12 gauge and a Red Fox he dispatched of in 1951 near Scott, Ohio....The Phillies are favored against our Reds starting tonight.  The Flyers kick the NHL season tomorrow in Pittsburgh, and Ted Strickland, despite the guts to fry murdering scum and his support for the 2nd Amendment, appears headed for a one term wonder as Ohio Governor...that's what happens when you tie you ass to Obama's Wagon.

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Nancy said...

I interviewed Ken Blackwell when he was Sec of State. I also interviewed Bob Taft too. They were both nice to me. Too bad Taft got into trouble. Guess he should have kept his nose clean.
I sure hope the Reds win, but I have no money bet on them at this point. si glad I can get to The Rant via FB