Monday, May 30, 2011

Found Dog....Celina, Ohio

Last evening after Anissa had returned to her house across town, I was sitting on the back steps with Patricia, who had worked digging and weeding most of the day, in the heat and humidity, while I drank beer and smoked cigars appreciating her work.  I looked up and see this dog coming through the open side door of our garage.  A funny looking Pekingese type dog, or maybe a Pug faced PeekaPoo...not really sure, but here he comes, wearing a Ohio State Football Jersey(how appropriate considering OSU Football Coach Jim Tressel resigned under pressure today)...and he walks into the yard.  Reagan the aging Airedale was in the house enjoying the A/C, so except for us, he had the back yard to himself...

His "shirt" was dirty and he appeared we gave him some water and dry food...and let Reagan out to greet him.  After some fear of the much larger dog, he finally settled in...for the NIGHT!  Could not find anybody looking for him.  So he spent the night on the back steps, and ate a couple bowls of food.

This morning I checked with the police, Patricia went to the fairgrounds and checked with the small group of campers over there...but thus takers.  Now somebody has to be missing this don't dress a canine up in a OSU shirt and put him out on his you?

Oh' well, that and the heat are the topics of this Memorial Day around here....Say a big thank you to all that came before and since who have paid the sacrifice for this Nation.....and stay vigilant against those like the current bastard in the White House, who are doing all they can to destroy what the real heroes paid the ultimate price to defend.

And if you're missing a dog...drop me a e-mail!

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Photo-Here is he...we will call him "Buckeye" for now...until his owners show up to claim him...


BRUNO said...

Maybe displaced by the recent storms?

And, if your "authorities" are anything like the ones HERE---their compassion is only active when the 5-o'clock news is rolling. Otherwise, it's "just another damned stray" dog/cat to be put-down.

At least he ain't wearin' a MICHIGAN-shirt, in YOUR-part of the country...!!!☺

PRH....... said...

Sheet, after Tressel resigned today Bruno...I might buy him a UM! But regardless he is safe for now...We always have room in our yard and hearts for one more dog or well behaved cat. :}