Friday, May 27, 2011

The Unofficial Beginning of My Summer...

Ugly, foggy, wet, and cloudy, is how the day begins...I was all set to complete one more leg in the seemingly endless job of lawn mowing was time to get over to mom's and hack my way through hers with the Law Boy.  Then I thought, "maybe I'll take the Toro over", it being much quicker and smoother to maneuver through somewhat high and not so dry grass.  But after walking outside to feed the backyard birds and squirrels, I realized that it is just too wet to do any yards today...or at least until later, if and when the sun comes out and dries things off a bit.

We had one more round of storms last night, and another Tornado Warning in the south part of the county and over in Auglaize County...I don't think that any twister touched down...just some cold funnel type clouds were seen.  So, despite some storms possible on Saturday night, it appears that we may be in for a long time in coming change in the weather...sunny, hot, humid, and mercifully drier, for the most part weather.  We can use it.

Today begins Patricia's Summer vacation from school...the kids are out of school, and the teachers get their annual break from the war with Columbus and DC BureauRats trying to tell them how and what to teach to fit the Politically Correct mode that has infested our nation from one end to the other.  The Lapdog NEA(National Education Association) and their state affiliates pushing their Rainbow Agenda right down parents, good teachers, and students throats...but I digress.  The point is, school is out, and with that I have to change my lifestyle as well.  Not always an easy thing to do at my age.  Of course on this first day of her "Summer"..she isn't even around, down in Columbus with a friend, taking care of some business.  They left at actually this morning is no different than most weekdays during the fall, winter, and spring.

Instead of sitting on the computer with just the sleeping dog and cat lying on the rugs near the computer enclosure for 2 hours each morning....Patricia will usually be up and about before me, and beginning her summer projects...which is fine by me, the less time I sit around this keyboard during good weather(if it really comes), the better.  She has her projects,  one is fixing up one of the empty bedrooms to house a crib and other items to be taken care of for the future(our first) grandchild who is due in late November...all is going well on that front so far.  We actually get to find out the sex of the future Houseworth on Father's Day weekend.

Meanwhile I made myself a half~assed list of things to do...or at least try to accomplish.  All sandwiched around summer baseball umpire work, which will take up the bulk of June, and into parts of July.

I've got to get the down/drain spouting cleaned least the lower level stuff I can reach...the winter grime and leaves have plugged some up....even though they are less than 2 years old.  I've got to paint the east side and south part of the garage...two parts that I ignored during the house painting project in 2009...also a couple of touch up spots need done elsewhere.  The Jeep and Buick...both of my alternate vehicles need to be back on the road...then one(probably the Jeep if all things work out with the 77 Buick), needs to get sold.  4 cars with two licensed drivers is not necessary, nor can I justify the insurance premiums on all four...three, with one as a back up, are fine...

We have a wedding, Patricia's nephew, Dr Mike, is getting hitched in Wisconsin in late July...Patricia, Hal, and wife Lisa, are going...I've been trying to beg out...and may, we will see.  The Kokomo and Dayton Reunions in September and October for Vietnam Veterans(Kokomo) and Vietnam Security Police Association(Dayton) are coming up...need to save for them as well.  You never know how many we have left.  The VSPA in Dayton hopefully will see the reunion of at least a handful of guys that have not seen each other since 1969 or 70, the guys of the 14th SPS at Nha Trang, AB.

So, there you have it....although it's 50 degrees, cloudy, and foggy outside...our Summer Vacation has unofficially began...let it roll.

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Photo-Summer officially is about a month away, but ours begins today...This means the usual Dark and Stout Beers will give way, for the most part, to the American Lagers, like Miller Lite...and the Howard County, Indiana, Vietnam Veterans and the VSPA Reunions will be on the agenda as Summer winds down and fall begins.


Sam said...

Ruth and I will be headed out to DC with over 350 other riders from here after an 8 AM Memoral day Service for Run for the Wall Rolling Thunder keeping pressure on the govt. to account for and return every POW/ MIA of any war we have been involved in . We will be joinning 3/4ths of a million bikers there from all over the country . For a change the weather this weekend sounds promising . Hope so ,im weary of riding in these storms with everything we hvae done this Spring . sam

sam said...

Headed out in the morning that is. I too am looking forward to The VSPA and Howard County VVO Reunions

PRH....... said...

Hopefully things will dry out by Kokomo in September Sam...Ride Safe!!