Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Spring Baseball Season Ends...the Rain Continues

Garry and I headed south and east 60 miles to Bellefontaine about 3pm yesterday to finish up our Varsity High School Baseball gigs for the year...the Summer seasons of ACME and American Legion Baseball begin soon enough, with my first contest slated for May 31st at Celina....

The season flew by, as it always does in, swift fashion....all-in-all, I was disappointed in the way things went this season.  The weather, for the most part, was the primary reason for my discontent...with yesterday being just the 6th game that I wore the usual short sleeved umpire shirt, the rest I donned jacket and/or long sleeves.  In all  I completed 32 games out of a season schedule of 48...right at 67%, which, by all standards is right at average, with some games being switched out for others.  In addition to the weather, I just got in two tournament games, after having been assigned to about 20 the previous 3 seasons, including 3 Regional Contests in that time period...this year the Regional and State Semi and Finals are still to be played, with the State Champions being crowned on June 4th in Columbus. So for me, it's on to a long hot summer of baseball...something I am less inclined to do in the numbers as in past years...but time will tell.  Meanwhile Football is less than 3 months down the road...and we really have not even tasted warm weather yet!

The Downpours Continue____

Garry and I got our game in despite storms to the north and west, and especially to the southwest...where Missouri got hammered again.  As the final out was made on a 3-2 Kenton Ridge win over Bellefontaine, a few rain drops came from the sky...by the time were reached the small berg of Jackson Center on Ohio 274, both our cell phones were ringing...Hal and Patricia on mine, and then Garry's wife Lisa, and friend Tim, on his....all sides updating us on the weather action, while Garry checked out the Radar on his phone screen.  There was no way we were not going to get clobbered, whichever route we took back to Celina.  I finally opted to drive I-75 to US 33 to Wapakoneta, then west to Celina.  It turned out to be a wild, wet, ride...with strong north and west winds and torrential downpours across fields and roadways.  By the time we made home, the sun was out, and just the drenched streets remained.....the storms then passed during the night, with our little neck of the woods probably getting the least of the heavy rains.

The farmers will be shut out of the fields for awhile longer, while the endless mowing will continue for the homeowners of the Midwest.  Any dry day needs to be taken advantage of, with lawns in constant mega growth.  We have some storms on the way for tonight and then the rest of the week, right on through Sunday, look wet.  Maybe, maybe, by early next week, things will look brighter, but I'm not buying that just yet.

Meanwhile I will enjoy my short break from the baseball diamonds....

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Photos-Spring Baseball for me is finished, now a weeks break before the Summer Season begins...and some of the results of our Mulch Party over the weekend...the question is, will the rains drown out our work?

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