Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"The Vest" is gone as Jim Tressel Resigns....The Buckeye Shirt wearing dog however, is still around...

The Memorial Day Weekend was indeed like the true beginning of Summer...hot and humid, with a round of storms on Saturday Night, just to keep the grass growing and the farmers out of the fields...and one more hot one today, with a high predicted of 94, chance of more storms tonight....then, so they predict, it will be less hot, less humid, and less rainy for the next 10 days or so....we will see.

The End of the Vest Era at The Ohio State University____

 Stick a fork in Jim Tressel, the button down, straight laced, coach of Ohio State Football....he has resigned after the charges of lying about many things finally got to be too much.  Record wise he will go down as the greatest coach in OSU Football history, even beating the likes of Woody Hayes, who resigned some 34 years ago, after slugging a Clemson player at the end of a Bowl Defeat.  Personally I could respect what Woody did, Hell I would probably have done the same given the situation...The Vest, not so much.  Jim Tressel gave up his position and power, because of his slave like worship/devotion for one sorry punk son of a bitch, named Terrelle Pryor.


When the recruiting wars began for the athletic, but stupid in mind and soul, quarterback from Pennsylvania, 4 years ago, the Buckeye Nation was all a ga-ga about getting this clown.   Now it appears, Ohio State may have won the battle to put Pryor in a Buckeye uniform, but lost the war.  The signing of TP was the worst move in Buckeye Football history....and Tressel, who fell on his sword for Pryor and 4 others of the infamous "Tat 5" paid the ultimate price.  And you can bet more penalties and forfeits are coming from the equally corrupt NCAA.

So the Vest is gone, even oldest son Sam, who attends OSU, and works for the Big Ten Network and OSU.Com likes Tressel, and feels his undoing was the "Tat 5"...he thinks that when and if they come back off their 5 game suspensions...the OSU fans in the stands will not treat them kindly.   Frankly I don't care...I became sick of Tressel and his act when he tossed the entire Senior class and especially quarterback Todd Boeckman under the bus, all for the glory of Pryor, back in 2008 season...I figured right then he was a snake in the grass, and Pryor was a useless piece of trash...seems I was right on both counts.  And I've been a Buckeye football fan for 50 years.

My guess is The Vest will never coach in college again....but the NFL has a place for him on the sidelines...look for Tressel to resurface, perhaps at Cleveland, with the Browns, they deserve each other...and Hell maybe Pryor can be his savior there?  {insert major league eyeroll}

The Buckeye Dog is still here____

As I wrote on yesterday's post, late Saturday afternoon, a small Pekingese or Lhasa Apso type dog, wearing a Ohio State jersey(how appropriate given yesterday's news} came wandering into our back yard through the open garage doors....after contacting the police, checking the Fairgrounds, and even taking a photo(attached) of him and posting it on a sign in the front yard saying "Dog Found, Inquire Within" there have been no takers or no calls, contacts, etc.  Now this guy was previously groomed, wearing a shirt of somebody's favorite football team, so somebody has to miss him...hopefully today will be the day...but if not, he has a home here, until somebody comes calling...he seems to be well behaved, and has taken over the fenced-in backyard as his personal turf.

ACME Baseball was slated to start tonight...I am scheduled to work here in Celina as they were to host Minster....that won't happen however, as both Minster, and Delphos St. Johns(the team I was scheduled to umpire for 9 times but was rained out 8 of those) made the D4 State Semi Finals...if both teams win on Thursday, the two league rivals (DSJ won the regular season league title and match up) would square off for a State Title...good luck to both!  So unless Celina has secured another team to take Minster's place...my season will begin tomorrow at Convoy Crestview...

Patricia and I are heading for Lima today, to check out "stuff" for the November arrival of Grandkid #1...

back later>>>

Photos-The Vest is History at OSU, all because of the mistake named Terrelle Pryor...anybody missing a approx 2 year old male dog wearing a OSU Jersey?

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