Thursday, May 26, 2011

Marathon Baseball/Marathon Storm Systems

The storms rolled in and out of Western Ohio throughout the day and overnight yesterday and early this be honest, our little world in Mercer County probably got off easy compared to areas north towards Findlay, and south through the Dayton area, and even more so in southern Indiana...of course in Missouri, those long suffering people got hammered again.

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Centerville, Ohio...Hal outruns the storms

As the second of three batches of storms ripped into the area,  Patrica went over to mom's place and brought her here for supper and to ride out the worst of the weather...meanwhile the worst of the early evening storms took aim on youngest son Hal's town of Centerville, Ohio,(just south and east of Dayton) and the surrounding bergs.  Hal arrived home in time to beat the storm, but had no way of getting his Ford Focus in the garage....and when the 2" hail hit...his ride too a hit.  Photos enclosed:

Other towns were hit worse, and some of the fantastic damage reports can be found at WHIO~TV: 

It was a Hell of a ride last night....

The Reds 19 innings__

While all that drama was going on, our storms, at least the first batch, was heading east and north...Mom decided to head for home, so I kicked back, watched the Reds, the Stanley Cup, and WHIO, with remote in hand to see where the action was best.

The Reds looked like they have of late...and after a hosing by the first base umpire, some stupid base running by Brandon Phillips, and some unwise swings when they had the Phillies pitchers down...the score stood 4-4 heading into the bottom of the 18th inning...the major storms passed and I headed for bed...the Reds?  Well they couldn't hit a non-pitcher(Philadelphia was out of bullpen hurlers)..and lost in the 19th inning...5-4.  Ugly road trip, as they appear destined to fall out of the NL Central race by early June, if this keeps up.  They play the final of the 4 game series this afternoon in Philly...both team could be exhausted.

 The Stanley Cup continues to be a great show, despite having no teams left to root for or against....Tampa Bay defeated Boston last night to tie the Eastern series at 3 games each....tomorrow they head back to Taxyer2shits and the winner will face off against Vancouver in the Finals starting this coming week...Go Lightning..there I've picked a team to root for.

In the Big Ten Baseball Tournament in Columbus, Ohio State scored 5 runs in the bottom of the 8th to stay in the winner's bracket with a 5-3 win over Minnesota...they play again tonight, weather sure to stop by the new Weather Blog for more photos and details of last nights storms:

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Photos-Dark Clouds roll through Mercer County, Ohio, we were spared the worst of the 3 major storm fronts yesterday and last night....Hal's Hail, bigger than a quarter, but smaller than the Softball size stuff in Bellbrook....and his car(double click for dents) have getting "Stoned" in Centerville...the trees took a beating as well.  The Reds sink in 19 innings...they are now 1 up and 6 down on an ugly road trip...

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