Monday, May 23, 2011

Say a prayer for Joplin, Missouri...the bad weather beat goes on

After seeing the damage, death, destruction and reading about the same in Southwest Missouri, our little wet and cold spring doesn't seem so bad:

Watched the Weather Channel reports, while Fox and the rest of the lame 24/7 "news" outlets were doing specials with idiots like Geraldo Moronrivera about a 3 year old murder case in Orlando, Florida...good move Fox.  I don't know why I stopped watching???  24/7 of that idiotic wedding in Britain(who gives a rat's ass?), dumping Beck, and ignoring news for tabloid headlines...congratulations, you have caught up with MSNBC and CNN in the who cares category? Might as well waste time on the National Enquirer....

Anyway, the storms were something to behold...check out this youtube video from a convenience store as the storm hit...not much to view, but the sounds are chilling enough:

As for this part of the world in West Central Ohio....we had a warm and mostly dry, at least considering what we have had the past 2 months, weekend.  Patricia and I got out in the yard....she bought 10 bags of mulch, and used 9 of them in the back yard fence edges to get rid of weeds and highlight the flowers...I replanted a row or two of Sunflowers...some just were not able to get out from under the thick mud and clay, left by the persistent rains, so I replanted and am hoping for the best.

I also got out the chain saw and trimmed the brush and cut back on the lower parts of the Evergreens around the fence...mowed our lawn Saturday, and Mom's on I drank plenty of beer and smoked a couple of cigars with Nick, as he stopped by on Saturday night....and listened to the Reds slump, getting swept by the Indians in Cleveland.  The traction they gained by winning 5 straight over the Cardinals and Cubs is gone, as they return the favor with 5 straight loses against Pittsburgh and 2 1/2 games behind St. Louis, they head for 4 games in Philly, the scene of last seasons playoff disaster.

We had a shower early Saturday night, while Nick and I sat under the trees in the back yard...then last night a big storm front came through, we got some rain, but the majority of the first front hit north, and then overnight, the second batch went south....we lucked out for now.  However, the rain and storms are forecast for the next week, it appears this is going to be one of those years, where nothing much dries out...I hate it!

Garry and I are slated to do a final regular season league game down in Bellefontaine tonight...but that doesn't look likely, considering the forecast....regardless, I am done until May 31st when ACME kicks off.....enough for now, time to get out and walk...

back later>>>>                               Photos-A massive tornado rumbles through Joplin, Missouri, killing scores and destroying much of the city of 50.000. The Brush Pile from our yard, waits for city pick-up crews.  The Reds take a dump in Cleveland, seems that's about all that that city is good for.  And despite the rains that have played havoc with planting the Annuals....the Perennials and local Grand Lake Canadian Geese have no problem growing and reproducing for another year...guess the Guess didn't get the message from ODNR, to stay off and out of Grand Lake?

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Deborah Wilson said...

I was thinking the same thing a few days ago - it does look like this is going to be one of those's turning out constant rains and storms all over the mid west and south.

Flowers are pretty btw Iris means 'messenger of the Gods'.

I haven't planted anything this year - not even a tomato plant....