Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A New (Ad)Venture...Midwest Weather

After I had done some lawn work and did a 30 minute walk to top it off, I was heading outside to drink a cod one...the oldest of my two sisters(but still younger than me) had sent me an e-mail with a warning about today's predicted outbreak of storms.  I answered back..."Great, Just Freaking, Great"....she sent a reply reminding me of Grandma's "Weather Diary" that she kept on a daily basis....and it got me to thinking{always dangerous in it's own right}.  I usually start these blogs off with a opening paragraph about the"Why not just start another blog, strictly about the weather facing/affecting West Ohio in particular, and the Midwest in general?  Yep, just what I need...more diversions on the computer, with warmer weather coming....

Usually I spend about 90 minutes to two hours on the Internet each morning, except weekends, after that, especially if the weather is good, I only check in before hitting the sack, or if I am expecting a e-mail sports contract.  So I think to myself, "If I can get this thing started, it should not take more than a half hour each morning to recap the days weather outlook with a few words, forecast, and maybe a photo or two....So here we go:
 I have not even figured out how to lay it out...but while waiting for the grass to dry at home and at mom's, and before the storms smash into the area(Chicago is getting clobbered right now)...away I go..

back later>>>>

Photo-A Brilliant Sunset at the Flying J Truck Stop near Sayre, Oklahoma, back in 2008...more weather photos like this will be on display on the new Weather Blog...and a look at the 8 O'Clock Radar for the Great Lakes and our area...

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