Friday, May 20, 2011

A one or two day respite before the storms return...

With another baseball rain out yesterday, I decided to look back at my sports/baseball umpire calender since the first of April, and see exactly how many rainy days we have had over the past 6 weeks...Mind Boggling was the report.  However, we may indeed get a day or maybe two days in without a shower...Maybe!

By the end of the weekend, the rains, in the form of scattered Thunder Storms will return, and last for much of next week...looks like those farm boys will stay locked out of the fertile fields of West Central $10,000 an acre, that land is not earning it's keep...meanwhile the heavy rains, following a winter of rain and snow continues to pollute Grand Lake....swimming and eating any fish(why would you eat fish our of our 13,000 acre cesspool?), will be shut down again this Summer...the boating may be that(state warnings) would stop us anyway?

So it appears this will be another Summer of discontent for the fans of Grand Lake St. Marys....

With a day of sunshine, it appears I will get a game in at Spencerville tonight...Garry and I are scheduled to work down south 60 miles to Bellefontaine on Monday, but that is up in the air....depending on the rainy forecast coming into play.  That will end my Spring season, no Regional or State games this season...Oh Well~guess I didn't kiss enough butt with the bigwigs in Columbus...but with 3 Regional and 10 District games worked the past three seasons, I cannot complain.  I just wish that OHSAA would give some of the good younger umpires a see old farts, my age and older, who can no longer move(at least I'm in good shape and can still get up and down the basepaths, football fields, and basketball courts), but can still kiss ass, getting the State and Regional games is making/has made for years, a farce of the selection process. 

If any of the big guns read that, I may never get another tournament game...but you know what?  At 62 years old,  I don't need them, and the truth needs to be told...the process past the District Level is a joke....

I will get out and walk this morning...probably with a trip past Grand Lake Road, maybe snap a photo, just to see if my camera is back working, after it's Michigan cold stream is working to a degree thus far.  But even after all the drying out, it still has some bugs...and I won't put up with that long...when it comes to things like computers, XM Radios(another story), and cameras...I don't have a lot of patience.

OK...with the weather good for a short time...I am outta here>>>>

enjoy the weekend, back later....

Photos-While Grand Lake St Mary may look pristine in my photographs...the under belly if full of hideous Blue~Green Alga, and is unsafe for swimming and fishing alike...Boating?  Probably not safe for that either, but you know what, we still will be out on it....Bar Stool Open is Set for August 6, 2011.


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Deborah Wilson said...

Sorry about the camera, Pat...I've slipped and/or dropped a few of them too.

In metro-Atlanta, it's heating up, with no rain in the forcast until next week.

I'm glad, because it's time for winter to be over already. Too much rain this past year!