Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Another July Day in the Life....Baseball and the Home Work Area

Nothing special going on this morning....

Patricia is working on the Quilt for the coming grandson, and I am sitting on my rear end at the computer station...the good news is that the weather, after a couple of welcome showers on Monday took a cool break overnight, as a front, dry in this area it was, passed by.   The morning temperatures cooled and it appears today and tomorrow will be a welcome break from the heat and humidity.  Lower 80s for highs with 60 as a rain in the forecast until at least the weekend.

Last night Garry and I headed to Lima, for the District ACME at Lima Central elimination game between Allen East and Lima Shawnee.  Shawnee had defeated AE in the Sectional game I had last week at Shawnee, but both teams moved on to districts.  In ACME two teams each move out of the sectionals, and both the Mustangs as the runners up and Shawnee's Indians as the champs moved to LCC.   Shawnee won last week 15-2 in a 5 inning run rule, last night's game would not be much different.  Shawnee jumped out early and finally put AE away in the 6th, coming away with another run rule, this one by a 12-2 score.  I was behind the plate, and will be again tonight, as Shawnee, with a loss under their belts, try to avoid elimination, taking on Leipsic's Vikings.  Leipsic is undefeated in District play, and a win tonight will send them on to the State Tournament, which will be held here in Celina beginning July 23rd.  A Shawnee win would make it a winner take all, for a State trip tomorrow night at LCC.

Last night was pretty hot with the gear on...but the game went quick and there was a breeze to help...tonight it should be much more pleasant, at least weather wise.

The Work Area_____

Last week, Patricia and I made some changes to the little corner living room, which is wear I have a antique desk, and a computer area where this blog and my other BS is penned(typed).  The computer area was designed and installed about 6 years ago in place of an ugly ass closet, we took one of the inside doors, which was installed back when this parsonage was built in 1923 and put it on a smaller closet area.  I then took an antique desk from my Grandmother's place in Scott, Ohio, and set it in front of the duel windows facing west.   This was the same time we ripped out the carpet, and had Majestic Floors, refinish the pine, and make it a solid wood downstairs, they would do the upstairs the next year.....

Then last week we moved some photos around, put my Vietnam frames on "my" walls above the stacked antique desk with 8 drawers{also a refugee from Grandma Houseworth and Aunt Eva's place in Scott.  If I don't say so, it is looking pretty good.....and makes the 2 hours or so I spend here each weekday much more pleasant.  

back later>>>>

Photos-My Desk, which has been in some old family photos for over 60 years I suspect it was in my Grandmother Houseworth's place since the 1930s when she moved into the Grant Street home in Scott, Ohio.  The desk itself is over 100 years old, the 8 drawer stacked desk to the right, is also an ancient antique from Grandma's place.  The second photo is of a much newer crafted Computer Work Center which sets in the same room...this area was hand built in 2005, and is where I spent a couple of hours each morning typing this blog and downloading photos.

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