Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Baseball, The Summer Season Ends...

GM and I finished off our portion of the State ACME Tournament last night on the artificial turf at Eastview Park here in Celina....Greenville defeated Lima Shawnee 5-2 in the opener, with me working the plate, and in the nightcap, which finished around 11pm, Vandalia-Butler scored 3 runs in the bottom of the 6th and held on to eliminate Toledo Central Catholic 4-3.

The first game had some close and controversial plays in the field, and mistakes on the basepaths, which led to Shawnee being eliminated...GM tossed an assistant coach for arguing calls, something you cannot put up with.  The head coach can complain, and you give him leadway, the assistant coaches have a tighter rein on them in the Spring and ACME seasons.  In the second game, two pick off attempts, went awry,  one by the catcher on a throw to 3rd, and one by the left handed relief pitcher at first base, led to the tying and go ahead runs, as TCC failed to hold a lead they had forged in the early part of the game.

So my season is done...the ACME State Tournament will continue through Saturday, meanwhile Sam has another 10 games in this weekends Dale Harter Little League Tournament on the other Eastview, I am going to relax.  Will golf with Hal tomorrow, take in a wedding, then take it easy for three weeks before Football "kicks off", with my first scrimmage slated to be played August 16th.

As of this morning, I will clean the gear out of the van, clean it out....and Febreeze the inside to get rid of the smell from sweaty umpiring gear and clothes.  The past 4 months since the Spring season began has seen just about every type weather imaginable.  Snow, Rain, Wind, Brutal Cold, Heat, Humidity, more Heat, and the longest rain delay of my umpiring career....frankly, as much as baseball is my favorite sport to officiate, I am ready for a break and the change of seasons, both weather and sports wise.

back later...but it will be a few days off before.  My next post is not likely until next Tuesday August 2nd.  I plan on enjoying the time away, not only from baseball, but from the Internet as well....

Photos-Time to put away the gear of the umpire wars for another season....I will actually be able to see the bottom of the cargo space in the van....once I remove the gear, including Cups, Caps, and Clothes from the past 4 months, out of space they occupy.

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