Monday, July 18, 2011

Sometimes you just shake your head.....

Pretty much a wasted morning, at least the early part of it....I got up about 4:50 this morning, the moon, down to about 3/4ths was out, and I could see some I figured I could get some decent Sunrise photos...wrong!  By the time I arrived at Windy Point on the south side of Grand Lake, it was obvious that the clouds, haze, or both would blot out any spectacular sunrise shots.  So after finishing my cup of coffee, I drove around for another half hour...and then headed for home, empty handed....ahhh the best laid plans of mice and men.

Sometimes, more often than not, things don't always work out the way you plan them. 

The just ended weekend was a hot, humid, Elida umpiring partner Andy, and I worked a American Legion double header on Saturday at Sidney.  The Lima Legion and Sidney, would play the best 2 of 3 for the right to move on to Lancaster for the State Legion Championships next week.  Being the older and senior ump, I opted for the plate in the first was already hot and becoming humid as I put on the gear for the 11am start.  Lucky for me, the first game would be a quick one...Lima jumped out early, and cruised to an 11-1 win, with the game being called via the run rule after 7 innings(both games were scheduled for 9 innings).  We were done in about 90 minutes...In game #2 Andy would not be so lucky. 

Lima pushed out to a 6-0 lead in that contest, and it appeared they would cruise to another easy win, and move on to the State games....not so fast!  Over confidence or whatever, the Lima team sagged, and underdog Sidney fought back, finally pulling out a 7-6, nine inning 2 1/2 hour game.  Andy was tortured by the sun, heat, and humid conditions....but he, and we, survived, thanks to gallons of water and Gator Ade.  By 4pm we were on our way home...where I would shower, and grab a few beers.  I can say, without resevations I am looking forward to the season's less than two weeks away.
{we did not work the Sunday "rubber game" of the best of three championships, but Lima did seal the State deal, coming away with a 13-3 win}


On occasion you hear a statement, get an e-mail, ask a question, make a point, etc...and the response you get just makes you shake and alternately scratch your head...wondering to yourself "What the Hell was that all about"? 

The older you get, at least in my case, I have less tolerance for that type BS....friend, foe, sports, politics, or just everyday life...if you piss me off, I won't deal with you...and I'm not talking about anyone or anything in particular.  But sometimes people you think you know, just say something that gets in your craw.  And it tends to ruin what respect you had for that person.  

I don't always know best, but I know enough when someone slings BS your way, hoping to make a point, and not realizing, they had no point....or they got your point wrong.  Anyway, I guess that's the way it's been for over 40 of my 62 years....and probably longer than that.  I just know during my Air Force days I made a concise decision to "say what I mean and mean what I say".  Yes, we all have out bull crap moments, but that decision made all those years ago, gives me little time or leeway to people who rub me the wrong and the handful of close friends being the only exceptions, everybody else, you get no pass.  I just tuck it away and write you off my list of people to deal with.

When I joined the Air Force back in the Summer of 1968, I weighed about 135 pounds on my 5'9" frame, by the time I got out four years later, I was 5' 11" and 185...not a huge person or any sort of "tough guy"....but I knew enough and was tough enough to handle myself, whether it be physical or a tussle of the minds...sometimes you just have to know when to say.  "Why the Hell bother with this?" and you walk away.  At my age, the physical confrontations are long gone...the verbal or opinion conflicts still are out there, especially when, like me, you are totally outspoken.  That is my reflection for today, for nobody in particular.

Baseball is done until at least Friday....and with the rain, hopefully moving in, this hot, humid, week will see cooler and less humid conditions to follow...yes, it's only mid July but as I mentioned Friday...I am sick of the heat already...of course if you ask me next February, I'll probably tell you I never said that......

Patricia and I probably will take in the final Harry Potter movie(at least this is what they say) this afternoon...hopefully the crowds that were outrageous this weekend, will be gone this afternoon....will review it tomorrow.

back later>>>

Photos-My photo session this morning was a complete bust, so here is a sunflower shot from last summer in the backyard garden....American Legion baseball was played in hot, humid, conditions on Saturday...and me somewhere in the Flight of "Prokop's Pups" back 43 years ago in July 1968 at Amarillo, AFB, Texas....SSgt Joe Prokop, our TI, knelling 3rd from left...I am back in the upper middle second row from top.  Joe, who passed away in 2005 and I would work together at Tan Son Nhut, a couple of years later....after his TI gig, he reverted back to Security Police work.


Nancy said...

I am sick of this heat too. I have always loved fall and winter. My allergies cannot endure the heat, humidity and the pollens of summer. Of course, the breeze is pretty nice cruising down the highway with my convertible top down. However, if I leave top down during the day, birds fly over and put their droppings on my seats. Gee, I hope I don't ever piss you off, because although we may differ on a very few things, I tend to be outspoken too. I guess it comes with the territory of being "older?"

PRH....... said...

Not pissed off, just don't have time to deal with fools that think they have to try to "act above you head"...especially when they aren't, and really don't have a clue what they are talking of my pet peeves, but I'm sure I'm on that list as well for other folks....