Thursday, July 7, 2011


The Summer heat, with little rain in the near term forecast has settled in....with no games on the agenda until the weekend, I have time on my hands...and yesterday I grilled up enough meat on the old grill for the rest of the week....

The kids got me a new gas grill for Father's Day shortly after we moved into town...that was some 16 years ago, and I'm guessing 1996 or 97, they and Patricia went to Lowe's in Lima and picked up a Sunbeam worked well for a few years, despite one accident where Jack Drambuie the Airedale, knocked it over, breaking a few parts, which were repaired.   A handful of years ago, the grill was showing it's age, so I improvised and turned the Gas Grill, into a Charcoal Grill...and it has worked well in that form.

Frankly I could get a new grill, but this old converted one, seems to be cooking up some of my best work in years....yesterday was no exception.  Patricia had picked up smoke Pork Chops, Brats, a couple of quality steaks, and chicken breasts.  Over a 2 hours period, I would cook them all over the open Charcoal, and they came out, in my opinion, excellent....the photos attached in today's blog post, at least give you a view.

Not much else going on, except to catch the murdering bitch, Casey Anthony, get her sentence this morning...after a jury of 12 clueless morons, let her skate.  The judge, if he let's her out, should make her go through the front door...without police protection.  Then maybe this puke would know the fear her daughter went through as she was murdered..

Update....It appears the Judge gave the bitch the maximum, and she will spend more time in Jail...poor Geraldo, Hannity, and Judge Napalitano....the Casey Supporters will now have something else to whine about on Fox.

A bit of justice, not much, but some, is served...and now the release date is known...6 days, July 13, 2011...there is indeed no justice for the innocent victims, when it comes to child murdering scum like Casey least not in our legal system.

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Mike from KY said...

Pat, i use the gas grill for some things because of the conveiniance but I'll only cook steaks on charcoal cause they taste so much better. They do make a combo grill BTW.