Thursday, July 28, 2011

Golfing in Germantown, Ohio

OK...I lied a quick post....Golfed for the first time in nearly 9 years today, at least on a real course, other than night golf or mini golf at the Bar Stool Open...Hal and I teed off at 7:40, took 3 1/2 hours,   Hal broke 100 for the first time ever on a regulation course, shooting a 97...while I took a 112.  We played it straight, except for a "Mulligan" on each 9 holes.   I could have cut a dozen strokes off, but was pretty happy for the most part.  I expected to shoot in the 120-125 range.  We did get some photos but not sure how to download them on Hal's laptop, so will get those up when I get back on my computer.....

Today will be the hottest of the week...95 with humidity to match.  

We have a family wedding to attend over the weekend as not sure when I will get back on....maybe tomorrow, maybe Monday or the meantime I plan on enjoying the time off from the sports officiating wars...

back later

Photos-The various shades of

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