Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday....ramblings of a tired mind..Justice Served/Justice Denied

Talked with Sam this morning...his games in Columbus are on hold, at least, storms overnight and this rain here, although we could use some.  Feast or famine is the rain story for us this Spring and Summer...

I had planned to get up early this morning about 5, but woke up about 3....then unable to sleep, I did get up at 5, but only about 3 or maybe four hours of I am dragging behind.  The photo shoot just wasn't that good, with the heavy cloud cover to the south and east, I drove around, took a few shots, visited some old haunts, and was home by 7am....I'm tired, but not a very productive morning.  But Hell, being semi-retired, most mornings are spent being not-so-productive.

I stopped by some old fishing spots on Grand Lake....took some photos of places that have changed or been changed by private development or State of Ohio greed and/or tinkering.   Coldwater Creek and various channels into and out of the Lake are not what they were 30, 40, and 50, years ago...but of course neither is Grand Lake....and any improvement that may be coming, will not bring it back to those old days.....time moves on.

So, that was my morning....Patricia is working to put the crib up for the first Grandson, due in November...and lucky she decided to put it up expensive piece of furniture, and the holes and sides don't match up...ouch!  So she is on the phone, talking with the company, and seeing if they can offer help, advice, or a new part....she is going to need lots of luck on that.  But at least we have time to make it good before he comes along.

Damn, am I I'll just post two of my favorite photos from my RV Road Trips....the top one take off I-17 between Flagstaff, Arizona, and Phoenix....and the bottom one back in 2007, off the Tamiami Trail(US 41) in the Everglades...this big boy, in my estimate about 17 feet was sunning himself, waiting for me to take photo of him, or maybe, waiting for some damn fool to get to close while photographing him...

This morning waiting for some kind of luck taking sunrise photos, reminded me of all those trips I took delivering RVs over the  Summer 2002 through early 2008 time frame, and how I wasted many of them, photography wise. I still have those  floppy disks I used in those old early Sony Digital boat anchors, but they are almost useless these days...some good photography was lost, some remains, but getting to those photos is no longer easy.  Yes digital photography is great, I cannot imagine going back to the "drama" of using film....but there are times, when you shake your head on how fast it changes, and you better damn well be ready to change with it, or you and your work will be lost.  That is one of the good things about Blooger and it's associated albums and photo least for now, you can go back and retrieve just about anything you have ever posted....some of the oldies from my trips west and south over the years are included today.....

Crime and Punishment...sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.

On the political/criminal front(since they are hopelessly intertwined)  ... there are sad results, such as the murderous mom, Casey Anthony getting a free pass for a group of hopeless losers on a Orlando jury....then on the other hand, you watch as justice Texas style is dished out...over the rants of our Commie-in-Chief, his media lap dogs, the Mexican Government, and the UN...Texas, the US Supreme Court, and Governor Rick Perry told the world and Obama to "Stick It": and executed a murdering bastard, an illegal one, who has resided in the country since the age of two.  This pervert brutally raped, murdered, and tortured, a 16 year old girl back in 1994.  Obammy and his one world order buddies were all for letting this scumbag consult with Mexico before being allowed to fry.  Thankfully the court, by the slimiest of margins,  told them to "stay out of the Texas court system", and the bastard was sent to meet his maker last night.

A 5-4 vote...another reason this Kenyan bastard needs to go before he can appoint another new justice...and believe me, him and his supporters, will do almost anything in order to get control of the high court....nothing would surprise me out of this bunch.

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Photos-A not so spectacular sunrise over western Grand Lake, and Coldwater Creek as it flows into the of my old fishing can still see former SR 703 where it used to cross the creek, until the State DNR decided to improve the area some 40 years ago...thus cutting and gutting the heart out of the once vibrant corner of the lake.  And the two "Road Trip" photos from my days delivering RVs around the country.

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Gene Bach said...

If they ever get control of the Supreme Court we're all screwed.