Tuesday, July 19, 2011

We are going to Cook~Bake~Boil~Burn~, etc, etc,

 95 for a high, 100-105 for a heat index....not going to be pleasant...especially if you have to work outside...glad there are no games slated for this afternoon or tonight on my agenda.  The heat and humidity will last through the upcoming weekend.  Not good, not good at all!

Sleep, Sleep, Who Needs Sleep......?

What begin as an effort to get up early and go to bed same a few weeks ago, has turned into something else.  Now it seems, I am waking up at 4am, give or take a half hour, and am not getting back to sleep....that was the case this day.   I wanted to get up and roam around the lake a couple of times a week, before the sun brought the heat, now it is getting to be a habit...and not a good one. We did get a small thunderstorm overnight, so some much needed rain fell, not that it rained enough, but it was a bit.   I'm sure that will just make it that much more humid today...seems we cant' win.  Cold, wet, early Spring, and now this.....go figure?

Anyway, with the rain and lighting, I still decided to head out, and maybe get some photos, of something, despite the probable cloud cover.  As it turned out, I took 40 or so shots, of downtown Celina, Windy Point, and the West Bank....some came out good, others, not so much.  That is why I love digital photos...the mistakes don't cost you anything, except maybe a little battery life....that I can handle.

The photo on the top, and Patricia agreed, was the best of the lot today....I cropped it, but it stands on it's own, considering I used the Nikon "Point and Shoot" Coolpix....the rest were taken in Celina and around Grand Lake between 5:30 and 6:30 this morning.

I don't think there will be much wandering out today....the heat, humidity, etc, will keep me indoors, in the A/C...but you know what?  I may go out anyway....what the Hell?  Life is to short to lock yourself up indoors...even if the weather sucks...and it does.   

Patricia and I did get out yesterday and saw the afternoon showing of Harry Potter's last(?) flick,  The Deathly Hallows part 2....good special effects, and if it was too confusing to follow, they used up much of the last hour to peek back and wrap up the series.  It went from being a fantasy/wizard flicks for kids, to much darker films that were much better suited for adults and older teens.   I enjoyed it, and if you're into that type of stuff, well worth the time to see.

No games until Friday, my semi-annual check up tomorrow, and taking Reagan for a groom and trim...frankly I thought she was done with that at her age, but she keeps surprising....13 and still kicking, but surly slowing down, especially in this heat, when she spends almost all of her time sleeping in the Air Conditioned house....speaking of sleep, I could use some myself...

back later>>>> 

Photos-This Morning, Sunrise off the West Bank of Grand Lake, Celina Downtown at 5am...the Mercer County Courthouse and the newly refurbished Main Street of Downtown Celina, both when most of the world was sleeping....and "Harry Potter Deathly Hallows part 2" is a must see, if you have seen the others in the 10 year series..... 

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