Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Foggy Sunrise and Foggy Minded Male Liberals

The now 13 year old Reagan the Airedale woke me up as usual this morning... it's
always sometime between 4:30 and 5am, for her morning biscuit.  She pretends to need to go outside to do her morning thing...but she hardly gets down the back steps and is barking or scratching to get in...it's her thing at her advanced age.  Wake me up, she gets biscuit, and I go back to bed.  This morning was one of those mornings, more frequent the past month or so, that I stay up, brush the teeth, get dressed and head out to see if there is anything worth photographing in the early morning sky.

After yesterday's welcome rains, which came in two storms, I figured there was to be some fog, that would pretty well cancel any glorious sunrise shots over Grand Lake.  I was right, as day was breaking the lake and ground fog pretty well did the sunrise shots in....my lack of skill with the new camera also cost me a couple of close-ups of a Heron in a tree, and 2 Doe in the hay field photos....I didn't have time to plant the camera on the tripod....and hand holding the Sony for Zoom shots in just not in my skill pattern yet....and in the early hour of the morning, I may never figure it out.  Guess I will need to carry the older Fuji Camera out on these morning runs....even though it has some issues, I can at least figure out to steady shoot from the Zoom.

The early morning was not cooled off by the previous days rains...78 at 5:30 when I drove past the bank on my way south towards Montezuma....it's going to be a hot and humid day for sure.  Tonight's District game begins at 6pm at Lima Central Catholic, I've got the plate, so I should lose another 10-15 pounds of water weight...which I will attempt to drink back on after Garry and I head back home.   I will be back at LCC again tomorrow for Championship Game #1(there may be two, such it the way of double elimination tournaments)...and once again, I will do the dish, working with a face from my football officiating, Mr JD Bailey.  I have not worked baseball with JD, so tomorrow will be the first time.  Once done there I am not sure when the next umpire action will be....waiting for any schedule to come out from the State Tourney assignments.  I do know I have a tournament double header in Minster on July 22nd.....then as August approaches, I take a break for a few weeks, until Football Scrimmage time arrives.

A liberal mind=Space Wasted____

One thing I can say about facebook...you can "meet" some strange people there.   Over the past 3 years I have connected with a handful of old friends from my childhood in Venice, Florida, several old Vietnam buddies, and folks from right here in Celina that I had lost touch with.  However, of the 1400 people who I have listed as 'Friends", most are like minded people of the Right political persuasion.  A few Liberal friends are also on the list, but only if I know them personally, and we can agree to keep it civil.  If they start throwing around the "hate", "bigot", "Neanderthal", etc., labels, I delete them in a hurry...I don't have time for left wing assholes that can't think past their worship for Obama, the Clinton's, Illegal border jumpers, support of higher taxes, and their love for Islamic Radicals.

Once in awhile a clown or clown-ette decides to come trolling in on a session sent out by a fellow Conservative...and their MOs are always the same...especially from those enlightened "Male Liberals".  You can just about be assured that any male liberal, especially white male liberals, have issues from childhood.   And yes I am painting with a broad brush here.....most have a mommy fixation, are gay, both?  And probably got their asses kicked in school on a daily basis.  They like to throw out words at people like me..."Angry", "Narrow-Minded", "Bully", "Not-to-Bright", "Half Wit", etc, etc, etc,....it appears that's all they have to offer, since their man's political offerings are a total failure, much like their miserable lives.

One such numskull came trolling on a photo discussion on one of my "friends" pages yesterday...we were discussing a photo of the Master Barack Obammy{see photo in question on left}...and this clown, named Tommy Beaver, decided to join us, with his personal wisdom and support of our half baked, half breed, half witted, Kenyan Prez. When I chose to call him a "moron"....here came the words used above.  It went back and forth for awhile, as I kept feeding this fool more candy....he finally pronounced that he was looking for someone like me to write about....some hate filled, low IQ ed, dimwit.  It appears Little Tommy Beaver, or at least he says, works for some store front Rag in Brooklyn, New York, of all places.  And I was going to be his centerpiece story of a hate filled Midwestern "Bully".  I thanked him, I just hope if he does write about me, he mentions this blog....this time of year, my visits slow down, because most people of the "Half Witted" variety, like me, spend too much time outdoors to hit this blog...so thank you Little Tommy Beaver, get me those readers....even if they happened to be Obama worshiping fools such as you...it's after all, about the numbers.  And by-the-way Tommy, I am a "bully"?  You have that wrong...I am the anti-bully.  In my bar tending days, after the Air Force and during college, I was the "Anti Bully", helping rescue clowns such as you from getting their ass kicked by real bullies.  You may think you have me all figured out, but you don't have a clue.

So that's it this morning, heat, humidity, foggy morning, and foggy minded leftists like Little Tommy, they are all part of what make the world go around....so you just keep, keepin on Lil' Tommy.  You are indeed a clown, mind you not up to the famous Emmett Kelly, or even Ronald McDonald.  But keep trying, someday, maybe someday, you'll make it to those heights.

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Photos-This mornings sun as it finally lifts above the fog in rural Mercer County....a couple of miles north and east of Celina.  Another High School haunt, Whiskey Run, in the gloam, as it drifts towards Grand Lake....Our beloved Kenyan Prez, Barack Insane Obammy, looking like a combination of Jack Benny and someone looking at the Menu at one of his Chicago Gay Bath House haunts...and a real Clown, Emmett Kelly Jr, not to be confused with the wannabee left wing writing clown, Little Tommy Beaver....use just don't measure up Tommy, but you keep trying, someday, maybe someday.

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