Monday, December 5, 2011

December Rains

"If this was Snow......."

That's a comment you hear often when the rains are coming down...and this past weekend through today and tonight, if what we have gotten thus far was snow...just say, it would be a bunch.  Pretty miserable conditions over the past week, with just a couple of dry days.  For the most part is has been wet, wet, windy, wet, and more windy and wet.  I guess the only good thing about the moister, is that, it has not come down hard, for the most part....persistent yes, but usually not in heavy doses.

Saturday I got up early, and headed for Convoy, where we worked a three man crew for a Junior Varsity double header to kick off the Van Wert County Tip Off Classic.   Unlike Baseball, where I work almost exclusively Varsity High School games, and Football where I do a mix of Varsity on Friday nights, and lower levels the rest of the week, for Basketball I seldom work Varsity or 3 man is my newest of sports, and I never ventured into it by wanting to work varsity...I was and will be satisfied to work JV and other lower level games....Saturday, although a JV double, they thought it best to use a 3 man crew, since we all would be doing both games{the same for later in the month at Ottawa-Glandorf}.  It gave me a chance to work with a couple of guys that do the Varsity circuit, and I picked up some valuable information and tips from them to help me, on those occasions I do work the 3 "Thank You" to Todd and Todd, for the tips and hints.

On Sunday afternoon, after watching the Bengals pee down their legs at Pittsburgh, Patricia and I took mom down to Centerville, for her first look at Great Grandson #2.  Mom, who is 87, now has 3 great granddaughters and 2 great grandsons, with #3 g-grandson on the way this week or next, in Michigan.  We took down a meal, and joined two of Kasyn's uncles from Lisa's side of the family, who were also there to meet their nephew for the first time.  We stayed about an hour, and headed back in the rain and dark, the 90 mile return to Celina.  We may not see them again until Christmas Eve, but that's OK, the new parents need their time alone to practice their parenting skills.....which seem to be coming along pretty good so far.   As far as our first Grandson, he is gaining weight and doing fine....a non fussy, pretty quite 11 day old, so far at least.

Tonight I have a Junior High double header here in Celina, then drive the 3 blocks to the church for we take our south leading 8-4 record into battle with Hopewell, who comes in tied for 2nd with Mount Carmel at 7-5...frankly they and Carmel are probably better teams than us, but we had the early easier schedule, we have 3 tough weeks ahead to end the first half of the season, we will see just where we stand after that.

Tomorrow night back at Crestview in Convoy for a girls JV game, rules meeting Wednesday, then back with a Junior High girls double at Wayne Trace on for the rain, it should end by tomorrow morning, but colder air will be moving in.

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Photos-The St Marys and other rivers and streams are way out of their banks this week....the second photo?  yes that is corn, unharvested in the background...some 10% of the corn crop is so far unharvested, and won't be for awhile, if at all....and my mom and her Great Grandson, our Grandson Kasyn....

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