Monday, December 19, 2011

The Week Before Christmas....Engine "erring"

The Basketball "Wars" Friday and Saturday were certainly more enjoyable tham the Junior High games of mid week...both night's JV games were close, and even though sloppy, were much better with less fan, less coaches whining, and quicker, than the girls JH games earlier...and these were Boys high school games.  This week will be busy as well....Girls JV at Crestview tonight, followed by a run back to Celina to finish up the first half of Dartball season.  Tomorrow JV Boys at Van Wert, Thursday back to Crestview for a boy Freshman game....then Friday, I will work a double header, Freshman and JV Boys at Ottawa-Glandorf, and both games will be worked with a three man crew, making it much easier, on the legs, knees, lungs, and entire body.  That will do it for the week, but next week Tuesday through Friday will see me working games before the New Year, and our annual get together at Rick's over in Northern Indiana.

Yesterday, Patricia and I had our 35 wedding anniversary to celebrate....she headed for church, Anissa and I went over to mom's like we do most Sundays...after that we headed for Bob Evans for a Sunday Anniversary dinner....pretty laid back, but that was good enough for the day, I am sure we will get out for a more elegant dinner here in due time...but with Sam's birthday, and our wedding date, both the week before Christmas, sometimes you just move the celebration with Sam, he was back in Columbus on this 30th Birthday on Saturday, so we will celebrate that on Wednesday.....The Family get-together, with the two newest members of the family, Kasyn and Luke, by that time a month and 2 weeks old respectively, having their first family Christmases at the Hemmelgarn house....17 of us will join in welcoming the new men of the family into the fold.

Old Guys, Old Vehicles, and Old Engines____

Saturday afternoon, before the game at Delphos, I headed over to Nick's to see how he was coming on rebuilding his 305 Chevy engine in 1988 1/2 ton pick-up.....for someone who, like me, is not much of a mechanic, it was coming along pretty good, and he thought he would have it done, by weekend's end....that I wasn't sure of, but will check with him this week to see how far he really did get.

What it did get me to thinking however was, I need to either get the 1977 Buick Landau back on the road, or sell it.....The land yacht only has 61,300 miles on it, and the body, despite a dent, where Sam kicked it when he owned it, is in good shape...the engine, rebuilt, is solid.  I'm guessing for $2000 I can have it back up and running during the Summer months, the main concern is getting off my lazy ass and getting er done! 

With a minor amount of body work, a little hood Bondo on one spot, and the dent pulled will be a semi-classic, with only new paint job to make it near perfect.   Now, if only I can convince myself to do it......sometime before I die, or let someone else give it a try.

Politics rears it's ugly head_____

Friday on facebook, one of those on my "friends" list  {1700+ people, most of whom I have no idea who they really are}, gave me some grief about calling our Marxist-in-Chief,  Barack Obama, "Obammy"....calling my political views "ignorant" and my calling the Kenyan "Obammy" racist.  "Just who the Hell is this clown"? I thought to myself....after some research, it turns out I officiated a basketball game with him some 4 years time...and he adds me to his facebook list.  Well now I guess I'm on his 'shit list'...because I called Obammy, well, called him "Obammy"....hardly racist, but you know liberals, both black and white, are so freaking politically correct, anybody that despises Obama, and I do indeed despise the son of a bitch, is a racist.  Anyway, I dumped the dislike, like any of the black conservatives on my facebook page friends list{and there are many}can tell you, list has nothing to do with his color.  He indeed may be half black, half white, half breed, but there is no doubt The Kenyan, is a "half wit" and a full my advice to "Ed" and those, black, white, or brown, that think like him, "Don't let the door hit you in the ass, on the way out of my facebook page". 

As for the term "Obammy", which he suggested was designed to make it look like "Mammy" and was racist....yep, I guess, Dion, Liza Minnelli, and The Happenings, were all racists for redoing the old Al Jolson song, "My Mammy"?  Nothing I hate more that politically correct race baiters....they, including the likes of Jesse Jackass, and Fat Al Sharpton, and they can all take a flying leap at a rolling donut.

With that, it's off to the basement weight room to work out...back later>>>>

Photos-Nick's 305 truck engine is about done....meanwhile the monster that sits inside my 1977 Buick Landau needs some does the outer shell, but it's not that far from being back on the streets.  Meanwhile, what can you say about Obama?  Nothing I could call this dimwitted excuse for a human being can be described as racist or insulting...after all, he does that quite well for himself.

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