Thursday, December 8, 2011

Hawks and much ado about very little else....

Heading out shortly...will walk to the post office, bank, then another mile or so to get hair cut at George's....back by Noon, then this afternoon off to work a Junior High girls double at Wayne Trace....this morning dawned clear and cold across the Grand Lake Region, temperature may reach the mid 30s by this afternoon, but right now, it sets at 26 degrees.

The Hawk...part 2

I did not see any signs of the Hawk yesterday.....but I'm not really looking out the kitchen windows at all hours either....but seeing and photographing him on Tuesday did remind me of one of my favorite Seinfeld Episodes....#162 to be exact.   This segment is from when Kramer found the set of the old Merv Griffin Show in a dumpster.  The side shows have Jerry getting his girlfriend drunk so he can play with her old toy collection, and George running over a pigeon and a Squirrel...which of course reminded me of the back yard Hawk, who has harassed our collection of Sparrows, Squirrels, and Pigeons, in past years....the episode was one of the best.  Here in the final 7 minutes or so you will see Jerry confronted by his girlfriend, and George, with Bionic Squirrel, come face to face with a Hawk...: 

One of the best......

No game last night, but did attend a rules meeting in Van Wert, so I've got three of the four required local meetings, as well as the state meeting completed....

Off on my walk around town....back later>>>>

Photos-Our Visiting Backyard Hawk, and the Seinfeld, Merv Griffin/Hawk/Squirrel Episode #162


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