Thursday, December 1, 2011

Double Murder in Mercer County (Ohio)

The snow remained on the ground, despite bright sunshine, and temperatures in the upper 30s...this morning a hard freeze made sure the white ground would stay just that for awhile.

Last night I made the trek across town to the north shore of Grand Lake and worked the last half hour of the WKKI Sports show with "Wulfie" from the Celina Moose....following the Celina head basketball coach, Chris Bihn, my little buddy and I talked Ohio State Football, OSU/Duke Basketball, High School football finals, and the Bengals and Browns.  We also did some trivia and gave away two sets of Browns tickets for this coming Sunday's Ravens game in Cleveland....finishing up, I had a single beer, and talked with some of the old Racquet Club tennis crowd, then headed home. Tonight, it's back to basketball officiating, with a JH Girls double header at Elida.

Murder in Mercer County____

Waking up yesterday and starting on this blog, news slowly crept out about a double homicide near Fort Recovery, Ohio.... 

"The Fort" located some 20 miles southwest of Celina is directly on the Indiana~Ohio State LineThe murder of a 70 year old man and his mid 40 year old daughter took place a few miles east of Fort Recovery, between that town and St. Henry in a rural farm house.  Here it is over 24 hours later and news and details are slow coming out....was this a domestic issue{doesn't seem to be at this hour}, or likely related to the increase in drug crimes that have infested this mostly rural setting in the past several years?

The problem is...our Sheriff is suddenly silent.  Jeff Grey is always quick to have a story in the local media about his conquests of drug dealers in the country...but nary a word or details, sans the victims names, of what went on here...and that leaves a problem for local residents.  If this was a domestic murder, why not just come clean, and give the area residents a chance to breath easy?  If not, why not come out and say it?  After all, local residents have the right, and need I say Law Enforcement has the responsibility, to inform them that danger might be near....and they should be prepared to defend their property and families?  

So Mr Grey...should we be prepared to lock, load, and shoot to kill, if someone, unknown, decides to come on our property or through our doors or windows?  After all...we have had no information as to the rhyme or reason for these let it be known at this hour, until I know some details, if some traveling salesman, or some urban lad comes to my door trying to "pay his way through college"...they better be quick on their feet.  Because this is on you....

Mercer County has had but a handful of homicides over the last century...this religious based, 99% white,  farm belt county of some 45,000, is just not where you find these types of crimes...sure on occasion a domestic murder, but home invasion?  Not hardly....too many hard working gun toting patriots...and if the scum from the cities, that increasing have began to infiltrate the area think they can set the agenda....I think they will find out, it won't be easy  While hardworking, honest, and Obama despising we might be....not to many cowards who are going to duck, and hide....more like, "What do you want, Sucker"?  And if you give the wrong answer, you may find your ass filled with buckshot.

I was a Military Cop for 4 years, I passed my Civil Service Test on my discharge, and was offered jobs as a postal agent in both Dayton and Cincinnati{turned them down because I didn't buy their politically correct rules, even back in 1973}...I know a little about Law Enforcement, and I know the number one job is to "Protect and Serve"...I might add, " at least inform the public so they can protect themselves", so far you, Mr Sheriff, are failing this time around.

If more details arise I will post them...until then, you can bet your ass, I am locked and loaded....

back later, updates, if I get them added below>>>>

Finally an update:  Both victims the 70 year old and his 47 year old daughter were bound with Duct Tape and shot to sign of forced entry....Sheriff Grey at a Press Conference this morning:

Appears it's time to lock, load, and aim.......Hell has come to usually quite Mercer County, Ohio. 

My question to the Sheriff is...."Why did it take you 24 hours or more to inform the public that this was indeed an appearent invasion and execution style murder?  The public has a right to know, if dangerous felons are running around your jurisdiction....a right to protect themselves in any and all means..." 

Photos-Mercer County Ohio, nestled on the Indiana border in the west central part of the state...farming and light manufacturing is the name of the game....and from the Hometown Stations in Lima, the house on Burrville Road near Fort Recovery where the double homicide occurred.


Anonymous said...

Those suckers would be in for a rude awakening if they darkened my doorstep.

--A Mercer County Resident

PRH....... said...

I hear ya brother.....alert, locked, and loaded, is the only way to be these days....

Shrinky said...

You have every right to question the insane decision not to inform residents of this very real danger in their midst. I can only imagine the horror you and your neighbours must have felt, to have been so purposefully kept in the dark for so long.

sure hope they catch those B*****d's soon.

PRH....... said...

Hopefully the have an idea who is the perp Shrinky....this doens't happen around these parts, the world is getting smaller and more dangerous, there is no hiding, only self preservation.