Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Off to Hawaii on our Dime...The Kenyan Assclown loves spending our money

The 3rd day of rain wound down, and turned to snow for a brief while last night....leaving a muddy mess in West Central Ohio....with just a small crusting of snow on the ground......today, wet grounds, but nothing falling at this time, just cloudy, cold, and windy.

After finishing up the Junior High double header for girls basketball at Celina last night, I headed to St. Johns Church for a Dartball battle with rival St. Johns Hopewell....neither team had it's game going, and after losing a 15 inning marathon in the opener, we split the final two games.....we and Hopewell both stand at 9 wins and 6 loses in the season's first half, tied in the South Division, not sure what Mt Carmel, who entered last night at 7 wins and 5 loses did...but with them on our schedule next week, we still have destiny in our hands...although with our play thus far, that isn't saying much.   After a very slow start, I finished 5 for 14, with a lone RBI....now standing at .419 on the season with 5 RBIs.....

Tonight it's off to Crestview to work a JV Girls game at Convoy.....

The Pretender and Thief______

The White House has announced that Barack Obama, aka: The Kenyan Assclown, and his lovely wife Moo~Shell will be jetting off to Hawaii on December 17th for 2 1/2 weeks on our dime.   No doubt the continuation of the Moo~Shell "Let them eat Cake" tour......I guess the only good thing about Obammy taking so many vacations and golf outings is, it leaves less time for the useless son of a bitch to screw things up, although gawd knows he still tries his hardest:


Can we in retrospect give Hawaii it's freedom and make his already illegal and phony Hawaiian Birth, even more illegal?  Just asking...because we need all the help we can get from this clown and his free spending "fashion queen" of a wife....although we really know, the only "queen" in this couple is Barry himself....just ask his Chicago boyfriends, the ones still living that is.

OK...as you can tell, I'm stretching things for today.....so I'll be back later>>>>unless the Secret Service comes to take me away...

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Deborah Wilson said...

I hope he vetoes S Bill 1867 - or we are in a world of trouble(s)...At least that my take -

Word is that Google is holding its own on the 1st amendment - certain ones in D.C. have tried to get Google to take down Alex Jones film, The Obama Deception, on Youtube - but so far Google hasn't complied.

I had never watched the film but naturally I was going to watch after reading that - nothing wrong with the film and it doesn't promote violence as the critics claim.

A lot has been said about Google - but I hope that they continue supporting free speech. If they do - at least our blogs are safe!