Monday, December 12, 2011

Parents as "Fans", What Would Tim Tebow Do? and Weight Fluctuation

Cold but moister free was the weekend that was....

A postponed game due to a late lasting football season on Friday, so no game, then early Saturday up for a Junior High double header at Crestview versus their rivals from Wayne Trace....unlike the injury scarred JH games at Trace on Thursday, these games, played on the larger High School gym, went off without a hitch.  Crestview won the 7th grade game easily, but as expected, the 8th grade girls, with a couple of real prospects playing, ended up 35-32 with the lead changing hands in the final minute, and the home team on the winning end of a great "battle".....of course using that word might cause some parents who viewed Thursdays games to scream at their computer screen.

As a parent of kids who played Junior High and High School sports, I never can be surprised at the 'Tunnel Vision" which many parents view these games.  Thursday night in retrospect was indeed a disaster.  From unconfirmed reports, one girl, as I suspected, has a broken arm, in 2 places no less, and another may have had a concussion, and possible broken nose.  I know, it sounds like a damn war...but it wasn' was basketball, junior high girls to be exact...and the game was not that rough, although from the injuries one would be hard to convince.  Sometimes lack of coordination and smaller gyms can result in falls.  But of course some parents want a perfect world where that are no fouls, no falls, and no injuries...I also suspect those parents are the same that vote for Obama and his ilk, the "Nanny State" types that think nothing of blaming somebody for anything or any accident that may happen.

I remember youngest son Hal, early in the baseball season years ago, in Junior High, broke his thumb while catching a fast ball from a young hurler that eventually played and pitched at Bowling Green.  Did I yell at the umpire, or assign blame to the coach or the kid throwing?  Hell no, it is sports, sometimes bad things happen, it's part of growing up.  Officials and Umpires seldom can or do have any actions that result in injury., and at these levels, especially in the lower levels of high school and junior high, the kids are not committing "flagrant" or deviate fouls to purposely injure someone else.  Anybody that thinks otherwise needs to pull their heads out of their backside.

Some parents need to take a look in the mirror, and they will see the reason that schools can't get enough quality coaches, and young umpires and officials are as scarce as hen's teeth...who wants to put up with the BS for little pay and constant criticism?

The Miracle Man....Tim Tebow!

After my walk yesterday, I listened to the Bengals choke their way basically out of the playoff picture, losing in the final 2 seconds to Houston 20-19...the game was blacked out locally, because Cincy failed to sell out the game...something that happens most Sundays this season.  Sam, home for most of the holidays from Ohio State, and I then proceeded to watch the Packers stomp Oakland, but with that game being a blow-out, we turned the channel to watch another "melt down".  The Chicago Bears, up on Denver 10-0 with 2 minutes left, imploded as the Christian Wonder Boy Tim Tebow, who looked pathetic most of the game, brought his Denver team from behind, tying it on a last second field goal from 59 years out, then we watched as the Bears fumbled on their way to a winning overtime score, and let Tebow lead his team far enough down the field, for Matt Prater to kick another long field goal, this one from 51 yards out, to secure a 13-10 win.

So just what is it with Tebow that brings out such strong emotions?   I know many Ohio State fans hate him, simply because he played at Florida, when the Gators kicked our Buckeye asses in the National Championship game....many others hate him because he seems too perfect, too goody two shoes, while most hate him simply because he's a Christian, who is not afraid to admit who thanks Jesus Christ for his success and his failures.  Atheists, fake Christians, the sports media, and left wing political radicals, despise Tim Tebow, for who he is, and for what he says....I guess that's why, as silly as Pro Sports is....I'm really starting to like the guy.

Like Tebow says...."God doesn't root for teams, it's just a game"...and I agree, but I would like to believe that on a random occasion, God might just like to poke a finger in his, and Tim Tebow's detractors eyes....and this 7 game come from behind winning streak by Tebow and the Denver Broncos, might just be one of those occasions....makes me smile, just thinking about that possibility. 

The "Weighty Weekend"....

Of late I have to admit I wonder on Monday mornings...."What the Hell did I eat over the weekend to cause this"?  Almost each Monday morning weigh-in of late, it seems that I gain 3 or 4 pounds...this morning it was four.  Up from 192 on Friday to 196 this morning.  Now I will be the first to admit, my weekend eating and drinking habits are different than Monday through Friday...but three or four pounds?  Come On!

This weekend especially was hard to figure out....frankly I didn't feel that great most of the weekend, and more than that, I didn't eat much, and drank even less....but still here it is, first thing on Monday the scale showed a 4.2 pound gain since Friday AM.....WTF.?

On Saturday I ate some chips and dip and had a couple of beers and a deli sandwich...but little else.  Yesterday, Sunday, Patricia did fix me a omelet for breakfast, but other than a sandwich late in the day I had little else....and for this I gained four pounds?

So today, here we go usually works, I will go back to my usual breakfast...a English Muffin with a spoonful of preserves, coffee, and a banana for breakfast.  Lunch it will be a can of Sardines, Spinach, and a fruit.  With basketball every night this week through Saturday,  my supper will be waiting when I get home...but I don't and won't eat much that I figure I will lose 3 or 4 pounds back....then face the weekend again.  It appears however, if I want to survive the holiday season under 200 pounds{and I didn't lose 30 pounds over the past two years to gain it back at any point}, my weekend meals and habits, will have to be more like my weekday ones.

I'll let you know how it works out....

back later>>>>

Photos-Tim Tebow, of the Denver Broncos....the left wing and Christian haters worst nightmare....and the usual weekday breakfast...looks like I will have to adopt this and my other weekday eating habits for the weekend, if I want to keep the weight I've lost off.


shawkat said...

Celebrity for the lifestyles

Mike from Ky said...

Tebows style wouldn'thave worked well with UC or St. X- not enough of a a "gangsta". Also, he can speak using coherent English.

PRH....... said...

I'm so glad to see the Boyz at "X" getting that hard earned Catholic Education Mike...I was impressed with their words and style at the post game press conference :) As for UC? At least their coach didn't bother letting those lame brains to participate in a post gamer.....