Monday, December 26, 2011

Winding down 2011.....Here comes 2012 like a thief in the night....

Now that Christmas is fini' we can look down the road a week and get ready to dive head-on into 2012....a year that IMO may not be that far off the Mayan Predictions.  Not so much as I believe they had super physic powers, but because only a fool would believe that the direction this once great Republic, note once, is taking.  As the last great hope of mankind, the USA has fallen into a heap of misery...not because we are starving or are living in the streets, but simply because as a society we expect too much, too much help from the Government, led by a foreign born interloper and Marxist, named Barry Soetoro, Barack Obama, or whatever the Hell this Kenyan born, Indonesian raised Islamic worshiping bastards real name is.  It is safe to say the majority of the people living in this country are now wards of the state....the freeloader, and government workers of all ilks, and their families are now in the majority.  Those earning a living from work and the Capitalist system are now in the minority.  Toss in 20 million illegals, and you have a recipe for disaster, a disaster of Biblical proportions, that cannot likely be reversed.

So 2011 is ending on a downer....2012 will begin on the same course.....if the likes of Obama and those that follow his lack of leadership are allowed to be re-elected, and in control,the end of the Republic as we know it is a certainty...there will be no turning back from this course....the end times, whether it be the one predicted in The Book of Revelation or the Mayan Calendar cannot be denied for will indeed come, and the people that continue to demand of their government and the taxpayers that make it possible, are, along with the political hacks they elect, 100% to blame.

Those dire predictions aside, 2011 was a great year in retrospect for PRH and his for the next few days of this week we will look back and enjoy those memories, while waiting for the other shoe to drop in 2012, because unless I miss my guess, it will be a disaster, not only for America and her people, but for all of the western World, and the freeloaders that live off the fruits of those that work day in and day out, in this land of last hope.

So, the post Christmas, "legal" Holiday is here....back tomorrow with a beginning look at the year past, and forward to what may indeed be the worst year in any of our lifetimes....

back later>>>>

Photos-As 2011 winds down, I will take a look back at the year in review this week, and a look forward to what I believe will be a year of disastrous consequences, Mayan, Biblical, or something else, if we continue on our current direction.

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Deborah Wilson said...


I've finished reading all four of your Christmas posts - they were fun to read. I hope the holidays were good for you and yours..:)