Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Game Before the Storm...

I kept checking in on the Radar yesterday and the Weather Channel near term forecast as well....100% chance of rain and storms by 8pm.  Well, if that was to be the case...we had a pretty good shot at getting our NWC league contest in at Lima Central Catholic.  I know better than to believe much of what they have to say however, and I headed the 35 miles or so north and east to the western edge of Lima knowing we indeed would at least start the game, but would also be watching the western sky for dark clouds, lightning, and the sound of thunder.

My young partner for the game, Ben, is only in his 3rd season of High School Baseball, he also, like me, works basketball and football...he appears to be one of the up and coming young officials, and we indeed need those, to go with the older guys, and the average everyday officials.  I had contacted Ben over the weekend, giving him the option to work the plate, since I was to have the dish for the LCC/Crestview game this coming Thursday, in a game that would likely decided the NWC Championship, at least in part.

Visiting Columbus Grove has just a single loss in league play, as did Crestview entering last night, LCC, with a total of 4 loses on the season, was undefeated in the NWC.....the game promised to be a good one, if we could complete the seven innings.  The two teams started off looking a bit 'shaky'...errors by both teams led to a 4-2 lead after two complete, with LCC out in front...after that things settled down, and the dark clouds remained to the west and south...Grove scored in the top of the 6th to cut the lead to one, and as we entered the top of 7, with the score standing at 4-3 in favor of the home team, I thought to myself  "We might get this thing done".

Columbus Grove, with 1 out managed a base hit....after a force out, which nearly resulted in a game ending double play, the Bulldogs were down to their last out...they tried a hit and run, the batter missed on a high pitch and the T-Bird catcher threw a dart to second nailing the Grove runner as he slid in...Game Over!  LCC clinched at least a share of the NWC title...that will be decided on Thursday at Crestview, Garry and I will work that one, with me behind the plate.

As Ben and I walked to the parking lot, both agreeing we had a pretty easy game and both did a good job...he reveled to me that on the last out....if the runner had been 'safe' he was going to call "Batter Interference" because the Grove batter had steppe across home plate and interfered with the throw....thankfully that didn't happen, because surely all Hell would have broke lose.....He would have made the right call, but regardless, it was better that it ended the way it did.....no complaints, no controversy, and a solid game, one of the best I've worked this year.

As we parted and I headed towards "The Wine Sellers" on Lima's far west side, the first of the rain drops started hitting the van's windshield....I stopped, picked up a six pack bottles of Guinness Extra Stout so I could enjoy a couple after getting home....when I walked out, the rain had picked up, I called Patricia, and she told me that a couple of large storms had passed through Celina....40 minutes later as I drove into town the limbs and downed trees and a few power poles were there for all to see....it rained for the next couple of hours, the moisture was welcome, we could do without the wind....more storms are likely for tonight.

If we do have baseball, I will be at Crestview for a non league game against Ayresville....the season is winding down, but I will stay busy for the next few weeks, with make-up games, Sectional and District Tournaments, and a few lower level games to that will keep me busy until the off time between the Spring and Summer Seasons.

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Photos-Great Game last night, and we beat the storms by a few mintues....There was no rain at LCC last Summer when I worked the Summer ACME District there....and I relaxed as the rain fell last night, returning home and having a couple of cold Guinness Extra Stouts.

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