Monday, May 28, 2012

Time Off! {for a few days}

Over the years I have seen more than a few hot Memorial Day Weekends and a few Memorial Days that have been too cold to even sit out and, and the entire weekend have been of the former fact, I don't remember any Memorial Day Holiday this hot, other than possibably my days growing up in Venice, Florida, or my year in Vietnam...but then again those have been so long ago, I don't remember.  Since Friday, the temperatures have been in the 90s for high, with today's topping out in the 96 degree range, probably a record for May the indash thermometer on the Nitro read 96 for much of the return trip from Centerville, after spending a few hours with Hal, Lisa, and grandson Kasyn.  Hot it was!

We arrived just after 11, BBQed out, and watched "The K-Man" spash for an hour in his wading pool....just a few days past 6 months, his growth and achievements each visit are pretty amazing....

This will probably be my last post for a few days....maybe for more than a few...I will try to drop some photos and notes in once or twice during the next week or so...but at this time, things are going to be hectic, and busy...I have a quick trip to Upstate New York, a day or so at the Vietnam "mini-reunion" in Kokomo, and then baseball, the summer season, begins next Friday night with a 8pm start at Kalida's classic baseball venue...where the stadium is as old as me....Sam and I are scheduled to work there, then a double header together at Shawnee on Saturday the meantime, I will continue to work the the "new" computer, and figure out the differences which are making posting photos a bit more difficult.

So, hopefully with my travels in the next few days, the photos I secure will be worthwhile....and worth posting.....and I will be:

Back Later....God Willing of Course!   And try to remember the real meaning of Memorial Day....the men who sacrificed it all and those that survived...not those ass clowns in DC and the Media who claim to name the heroes.... Colin Powell, Al Gore, Barack Obama, and John Kerry aren't Audie Murphy or Alvin York by any stretch of the imagination....they don't make a infested pimple on a real man's ass!

Photos-Spent the Day in Centerville, and watched as "The K-Man" tested out his new wading pool....the sooner you get kids to love the water and respect it, the better they will be, and the more respect they will have for it, the fun, and dangers of being near the water.

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We'll be here when you return. God bless you and all the other servicemen who protect our great country.