Friday, June 1, 2012

Wellesley Island, Poison Ivy, and "Falling" into June

After the record hot Memorial Day Weekend, this have done a complete 180 as the first of June arrives.  From the record 98 degrees on Sunday, today will be a complete reversal, no sun and 40 ticks may reach 58 for a high.  The rains is welcome, despite it's threat to the first weekend of ACME games scheduled,

There are other things this week that have not be welcomed....

Poison Ivy_____The "Eyes" have it!

I woke up Monday morning, with a itch/rash in a couple of places, including the worst of spots, and the second worst place on the body....I have not had a major case of poison ivy or poison oak for quite a few years...even with the bushes in my yard loaded with oak, and mom's bushes with poison ivy....I managed to shower quickly after getting near it, and with the exception of a couple of small spots, I had avoided the dreaded rash....and trust me, I used to get it pretty bad.  

After mowing and cutting some down late last week on consecutive days, I washed myself up pretty good....but still managed to contract it...probably from washing the clothes that were infected, and then putting them back on....frankly I'm not sure, but my eyes, and other parts were affected.  As I type this Friday morning, spots are still showing up in various spots on the arms, knees, etc, while the eyes are somewhat better, and the second worst spots is improving, there are still areas that are showing new eruptions.

So I went out and plopped down $35 at Wal Mart for Zanfel, something that is supposed to clear the ivy rash and take care of the "itching"....when done here, I will give it a try.....and see if this miracle drug works.  They say it's safe to use around the eyes{not in the eyes though} and private parts....while I may give it a go, body complete, not sure I am brave enough to use it around the eyes....?

Wellesley Island, Upstate New York_____The Thousand Island Club

Youngest sister Kelly and her small dog "Alfie", a Maltese and Shiz Tu mix spent, about 10 days with us, and visiting the family in Celina, while Kelly's husband Michael, "The Chef from Denmark", settled into his new gig for the summer on Wellesley Island, in the St. Lawrence River.  Wellesley is located in upstate New York, and borders the Canadian Border, while resting in the Thousand Island area{actually about 1700 small islands} of the river.  On Tuesday morning Patricia and I, along with Kelly and her dog headed the 630 miles north and east to Wellesley Island.  We would drive her there, stay the night and turn around and head home...or maybe we would stay 2 nights, take in the sites, sample some foods, and return home on Thursday....we opted for the second choice, and despite my battle with Poison Ivy/Oak, the trip was worth the extra day.

Wellsley Island is a playground for the rich and some famous folks.  The outlying Islands, small as they are, have many homes and mega homes, from the distant past.  The spot Michael is organizing this summer is a part of a famous club that, after years of decline, is being put back on the is called the Thousand Islands Club....and the owners, and Mike the Chef are hard at work, updating the place as the vacation/summer resident season kicks off.

Like the club itself, the locations web site is under construction.....but can be found here:

In addition to the club and marina, the sights on the island, and those nearby will be highlighted in photographs and words over the next few blog posts....but for now, it's time to try out that Zanfel and see if that expensive stuff works on this rash!

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Photos-The view of the Marina from Kelly and Michael's apartment above the old Hotel at the Thousand Island Club, where he will act as head chef for the summer....a former head chef at the Danish Embassy in Washington DC, and locations in St. Croix, US Virgin Island, and Naples, Florida, this challenge will a summer long project, which I sure he will be successful in, as always.  Other photos include....a look at the early stages of my poison ivy got worse, before improving....also the Marina boathouse looking much as it did when built in 1910....and me, Mike, Kelly, and Patricia, the first night out at Docksiders a small burger restaurant in Alexandria Bay, New York.....after the goofing off, they took another photo, but Hell, this one looked better, and funny to boot!

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